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Ready to Increase Your SEO Traffic?

Hopefully you were able to read about the first 3 main aspects that you need to consider if you want to increase your SEO traffic. If not, here is the link to find the first 3 simple ways to increase your SEO traffic.  The following section will address the next four areas that you need to be aware of. If you follow them, you’ll start to see results in a short span of time!

4. Continuing on with the suggestions for increasing your SEO traffic, it’s important to keep your page titles clean. These titles are what grab the attention of your reader, but they also affect what a search engine finds while scanning pages. You want to make a title that is catchy and interesting, but not so long that it overwhelms the article. You need to put some keywords in the title because the search engine will be see your title as a link, increasing the possibility of it being listed in the results. Don’t just throw a title out there and hope for the best, create the best title that ensures people will click on it and search engines will pull it up as well!

5. While you are in the process of tidying up your headers, don’t forget about the web addresses. You can use some online tools to drastically alter how long your URL is and make is much more search-engine-friendly. It’s much easier for a search engine to find a shorter URL and you can also put keywords in the link so that your content is pulled up on a more consistent basis. There are several different tools that you can utilize to shorten your URL and it only takes a few minutes to see the changes.

6. Keywords are critical in everything you do, which is why you need to make sure that they are in your URL. Having a short URL is a start, but the keywords are what attracts search engines and lets it know that your content is related to the search. When you have keywords in your article, the title, and the URL, you are letting the search engines know that the topic is covered in great detail and that readers will benefit from what you have to offer.

7. If you have a website, you want to make sure that it’s easy to navigate and search through. This may be the first time that they have accessed your page. Perhaps they found your article interesting and want to learn more. When an opportunity like this arises, you don’t want to frustrate them with complicated navigation methods. Have suggested links at the bottom and easy to find links at the top. Not only will this make it easy for the visitor to see what else you have to offer, but it gives search engines like Google a reason to suggest your page. The reason for this is simple: there are more links that take people to your site, meaning that you have content people want. Don’t waste an golden opportunity such as this.

Stay tuned for the final 3 tips that will get your page noticed faster!

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