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While there aren’t any kind of magical content marketing tips that will make the process completely effortless, there are tools out there that will make your life easier. Take a look at these 15 tools that will make the entire content writing and marketing process easier, from idea development to writing to tracking campaign progress.

  1. DivvyHQBehind every great content marketing strategy is an editorial calendar. DivvyHQ can help you manage your editorial calendar, ensuring that you stay on task and facilitating collaboration between team members.
  1. Google FontsLooking for a unique font that will help your online content stand out? Try Google Fonts, which has more than 600 completely free fonts that are ready for you to download and use.
  1. OptimizelyWondering which headline draws in more traffic? Or which font your target audience prefers? Or which image is better for conversion rates? Optimizely makes A/B testing easy so you will never again have to guess if something is working. Instead, you can make informed decisions backed by evidence.
  1. BuzzSumoWant to know which topics in your niche your target audience will find most intriguing or relevant? BuzzSumo is here to help! This handy tool helps you figure out which influencers or outlets are getting the most traction in your particular space, providing analytics-driven insights.
  1. Hubspot’s Blog Topic GeneratorIf you’re suffering from writer’s block, Hubspot’s Blog Topic Generator can help. This handy tool will provide you with inspiration. All you need to do is put in a few nouns, and the tool will spit back topic suggestions.
  1. Headline AnalyzerHeadlines are arguably the most important component of a great content marketing strategy, and they can make or break the success of your content. Did you know that traffic can vary by 500 percent just based on the headline alone? Yes, you read that right. According to Upworthy co-founder Peter Koechley, articles with highly compelling headlines will see up to 500 percent more traffic. So, how can you create the perfect headline? Well, Headline Analyzer is here to help. This convenient tool scores headline quality, rating its ability to drive social shares, traffic, and SEO value.
  1. The Hemingway AppArguably one of the best content writing tools out there, this app helps you create content that is easier for your target audience to consume. Named after the famous 20thcentury America writer Ernest Hemingway, who was renowned for his crisp, succinct writing style, this handy tool will help you write content that is easily readable, identifying passive voice constructions and hard-to-read sentences so that you can ax them.
  1. PowtoonThe ideal tool for tutorials or explainer videos, this content creation tool makes it easy to create high-quality animated videos. There is a free version as well as a paid version, which provides a greater selection of images, HD quality, and the ability to produce longer animations.
  1. Search in a GiphyThere is no denying it: People love GIFs. Adding GIFs into your Web content, social media posts, or blog posts can be a great way to drive traffic to your site and boost engagement. But, of course, finding the perfect GIF for your blog post is easier said than done. That’s where Search in a Giphy comes into play. With the free Giphy Chrome extension, you can find the best GIFs quickly and easily. All you need to do is search, choose a GIF, and drag and drop.
  1. InfogramAs most content marketing companies will tell you, infographics can be a great addition to any content marketing strategy. Luckily, Infogram makes it easy create highly compelling infographics, charts, and data visualizations, making even the most complex data easy to understand.
  1. ThingLinkThis handy tool allows you to create interactive images, enabling you to add clickable icons that direct to text, video, music, etc.
  1. CurataIf you’re struggling to find the time or resources to create your own content, then Curata can help. One of the most sophisticated content writing tools available, Curata offers content creation software (CSS) that leverages the power of a self-learning engine, helping brands discover, organize, and share engaging content that is relevant to their target audience. Curata draws from thousands of sources and even has data-driven insights that help brands figure out which type of content resonates best with their target audience so they can tweak their strategies accordingly.
  1. HootSuiteThere is no use developing great content if you don’t have a way to share it. That’s where HootSuite comes into play. Social media marketing is a key component of any effective content marketing strategy, and HootSuite allows you to synchronize content postings across a variety of social channels. The tool also makes it easy to manage your social accounts, track mentions, respond to fan interaction, and schedule posts in advance.
  1. OutbrainAre you investing time and money into great content but struggling to find an audience for it? If so, you might want to consider trying Outbrain, a convenient tool that amplifies your audience by displaying your content as a promoted content suggestion.
  1. TrackMavenNow that you’re developing great content and sharing it, you need to be able to track your results. One of the most convenient content marketing and optimization tools, TrackMaven will make your life significantly easier. This tool allows you to track all of your content pieces across all channels, including organic, paid, and social. Plus, you can easily compare your results to those of your competitors. What could be easier? With clear insight into what is working and what isn’t, you will be able to refine your content marketing strategy to improve your ROI.
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