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Believe it or not, Twitter has amassed an impressive 300 million users since it first launched back in 2006. A good chunk of those users are businesses who are actively using the Twitter-sphere in order keep in touch with their customers and gain insights in their customers’ likes, preferences, and behaviors. Whether you’re a professional writer, a visual production services company, or an influencer in your niche, if you’re an adept Twitter user, you can actually make money by helping companies promote themselves to other Twitter users. Want more details? Check out the four ways to make money using your Twitter account.

Sign up for sponsored tweeting. You can sign up for sponsored tweeting on a range of platforms, including Ad.ly, Magpie, TwitPub, and Twittad. These sites aggregate all of the companies that want to put out sponsored ads and then make them available to willing Twitter users. You can easily sign up for account on these platforms, at which point you will be given an ad to tweet at a time of your choosing. Compensation typically will be paid into your PayPal account.

Promote products using Kwerdo.com. Kwerdo keeps a list of companies that are working to promote their products. You can sign up to promote these products so long as your Twitter followers (namely, their locations and interests) are deemed relevant to the campaign. All you’ll need to do is tweet the shortened URL linking to the product on your account, along with a compelling product description.

Set up a sponsored tweet agreement with a company. If you have a really popular account with a lot of followers, you may be able to score a sponsored tweet agreement with a company with a pay-per-tweet arrangement.

Bukisa.com. Writers and videographers alike can post their content to this platform. If your content is accepted, you will receive money based on the advertisements that show up in the sidebar. This is an especially great option for emerging blogs and video production services that want to enhance their visibility.

Ultimately, you can make money using your Twitter account. However, don’t expect to get rich overnight. You’ll need patience and dedication to amass a following and acquire influence, both of which are required to score lucrative deals.

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