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Google Penalization

Google penalty recovery isn’t any fun. Not only is it a time-consuming venture to regain your lost place in the rankings after a penalty, it can also be an expensive endeavor — especially if you have to hire Google penalty removal services. A comprehensive Google penalty assessment of your site is advisable to ensure that you aren’t unwittingly breaking any of Google’s rules. So, what should you be on the lookout for during a Google penalty check? If you’re conducting a penalty assessment, be sure to keep an eye out for these five mistakes that will leave Google with no other choice than to penalize your site.

  1. Your linking practices are sketchy. Linking penalties are without a doubt among the most common Google penalties. Whether you’re relying on link farms, are purchasing links, or are just randomly using links in your website without regard for context, Google will take notice. Make sure your link profile is natural and is of high quality.
  2. Your content is stuffed with keywords. One of the golden rules of great SEO is to produce content for human users — not for search engines. If you’re stuffing any portion of your web content with keywords, whether it’s anchor text or blog posts, you’re likely to get penalized.
  3. You’ve published duplicate content. Duplicate content is a surefire way to incur a Google penalty, whether you’ve outright plagiarized another site or have “spun” content into your own (i.e., published content from another source but making minor changes to the wording so it isn’t completely identical). Always make sure your content is unique.
  4. You’re spamming users. If your site is full of automatically generated content or bombards your users with irrelevant pop-up ads, Google will have no choice but to penalize you. To avoid spam penalties, always make sure you are producing content that is relevant to and valuable for your target audience.
  5. You’re hosting pirated content. If you’re breaking copyright laws by hosting pirated content, Google will come after you. Google’s pirate algorithm is specifically designed to help it go after torrent sites showing up in search results.

If you are slapped with a penalty, it isn’t necessarily the end of the world. There are different avenues for Google penalty recovery, including hiring removal services. However, to avoid having to spend money on costly Google penalty removal services, it’s in your best interest to avoid penalties in the first place. To make sure you stay on Google’s good side, it’s always a good idea to run a Google penalty check now and then.

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