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If you want a website that is professionally designed and developed, but you need to stick to a relatively tight budget, it is important to note that hiring an  affordable web design company does not automatically equate to subpar quality.

Avoiding Costly Mistakes

  1. Paying Too Little or Too Much – When thinking about how to cost web design, be wary of companies that offer lowball prices, as well as those that are overpriced. Although some companies that charge too little can build a decent website, when a problem arises, there is no support. On the other hand, there is no reason to overpay for an excellent website, support included.
  2. No CMS – Make sure that companies of interest have web design packages that include a CMS (Content Management System). Without a CMS, you have no control over updating your site, meaning that you are forced to rely on someone else. Not only is this inconvenient, it can quickly become expensive.
  3. No Website Maintenance or Support – Another mistake is not verifying that maintenance and support are included. Regardless of the price, the type of site, or the level of optimization, you could run into a host of problems unless the site is properly maintained and supported. Web design packages should include site backup, security updates, and plugin license updates, as well as 24/7 support.
  4. Lack of SEO and Social Media Knowledge – Because your online business will face serious competition, it is imperative that you hire a design and development company that has experience and expertise in both SEO and social media. Unless a company stays up to date on trends and makes modifications as needed, your website will ultimately struggle and possibly fail.
  5. Hiring Just a Designer – There are vast differences in skillsets between website designers and developers. The designer takes into account your goals and needs and then comes up with a concept for getting optimal results. In comparison, a developer brings those concepts to fruition. Therefore, always make sure the company that you hire has both designers and developers working as a team.

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