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Key SEO Considerations for Website Redesign

Website redesign is a necessary part of owning a website. This is due to constantly changing trends that are based on consumer wants and expectations. However, there are key considerations to make when redesigning a website so you don’t lose organic search traffic and most of your rankings. A quality web site design company will consider the following so that an SEO disaster can be avoided.

Avoiding an SEO Catastrophe after CMS Migration

The purpose of redesigning a website is to improve website performance. If the proper steps aren’t taken during the redesign process, traffic can see multiple drops. This can be devastating because it is almost the same as having to start all over again. Here are the considerations that a professional web site design company can take when redesigning a website:

  1. Improve website structure – The website structure should be improved. The site should receive a fresh look. This can also mean making the site easier to navigate and adding more elements to make it entertaining for visitors. If pages from the old design have a high bounce rate, this is an opportunity to lower that percentage.
  1. The 301 redirect – Using the 301 redirect is going to be the heart of your migration. Old pages will need to 301 redirect to their new pages. Chances are that URLs aren’t going to remain the same, but keep them the same if it is possible. Fortunately, 301 redirects pass PageRank from old pages to new ones, so search equity will be maintained.
  1. On-page optimization – On-page optimization must be kept. It can be easy to drop on-page optimization when redesigning a website. However, rankings could suffer. Everything that is working must be transferred over to the new CMS. This includes the meta title and meta description.
  1. Content – The 301 redirect is very useful for when you want to keep content and direct from an old URL to a new one. However, new content should be integrated into the website. The web site design company can do new keyword research to capture the latest search trends.
  1. Page load time – Google looks at how long it takes a website to load. If the old website loads slowly, it is important to make sure the redesigned site loads faster. Visitors want instant gratification, which means they won’t put up with a slow-loading site. If it loads too slowly, they will leave.
  1. Coding – The website redesign is an opportunity to clean up the code. If the code has too much junk in it, search engines can have difficulty reading it. They can’t give good visibility to pages that are hard for them to interpret.

Website Redesign Has Evolved

There are more key components that a website development company has to take into account when redesigning a website. In fact, Google has over 200 points that it looks at when indexing a website. It is important to hit as many points as possible so that the redesign can be more successful than the old site design.

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