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When hiring a  web design services company, you need to ask key questions. SEO and marketing strategies continually evolve, meaning that every year, they change. Therefore, the questions that you ask in 2017 will be different from questions asked last year. The goal is to identify the best website designers and developers so that you can enjoy tremendous online success.

Key Questions to Ask

For superior SEO services in Toronto in 2017, start with the following eight questions.

  1. Are design and development handled in-house? – For optimal results, the best website designersand developers work in-house as a collaborative team. This ensures cohesion while reducing risk.
  2. How many years has your team provided SEO and marketing strategies for online businesses? – Experience plays a critical role in the results that you can expect. This is not to say that a younger company is incompetent, just that the experts should have a solid history of helping online businesses succeed.
  3. Do your services focus on mobile users? – Considering that most people now use mobile devices to conduct research and make purchases, the company that you hire must implement mobile-friendly strategies.
  4. Do you offer ongoing maintenance services and support? – Your website needs regular maintenance to keep up with constant SEO and marketing changes. Therefore, SEO services in Toronto should include ongoing maintenance, as well as 24/7 support.
  5. How is your pricing established? – Unfortunately, there are reported cases of SEO companies underbidding projects only to jack up the price once the work is complete. For your protection, ask how the prices charged are set up, whether an hourly rate or flat-based fee. Most importantly, both the services and prices should be clearly outlined in a formal contract and signed by both parties.
  6. How long will it take to build my website? – This depends on various factors, including the complexity of the site and the experience of the designers and developers. However, choosing a team that has worked together for years will reduce the amount of time required to get your site ready for launch.
  7. Will all of the design source files for internal use be provided? – You want to look at website design and development companies that will hand over their files, including the design source files. This gives you ownership and control of the files.
  8. How is success tracked? – For you, as well as the SEO and marketing company, to know if the implemented strategies are working, there has to be some type of tracking system in place.

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