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Social media marketing can be a challenge for small businesses, particularly when it comes to creating compelling images that add value to your social media strategy. Luckily, these eight tools make creating images for your social media channels a breeze.

  1. Canva. This awesome start-to-finish design program is an ideal option for non-designers. With premade templates, a drop-and-drag interface, and a range of cool fonts, designing compelling images has never been easier. As an added bonus, Canva offers custom image sizes for every social media channel.
  2. Aviary. Most social media optimization services point out that editing photos is key. Luckily, this mobile photo-editing app makes editing pictures on the go incredibly easy.
  3. CloudApp. A favorite among social media optimization service providers, CloudApp is handy because it allows you to store images online and to quickly and easily link to them for sharing. The new Mac app even comes with a host of advanced features, such as screen grabs and GIF creation.
  4. Smush.it. This is a convenient optimization tool for file size that allows for quick sharing. Basically, the tool will compress any given image into a more optimal file size, which facilitates faster loading times. As an added bonus, Smush.it comes in a very convenient WordPress plugin, which means that you can compress and optimize every image you publish to your blog.
  5. Subtle Patterns. Looking to find the perfect pattern? Then head over to Subtle Patterns, which boasts a plethora of quick-and-easy patterned backgrounds.
  6. Easel.ly. Infographics are a powerful component of every effective social media marketing strategy. Luckily, with image-editing tools like Easel.ly, creating them is quick, easy, and painless. With an interactive layout, this user-friendly tool allows you to easily embed charts and photos, starting out from scratch or from prebuilt templates. There is a pretty impressive number of icons, shapes, and objects that you can drag and drop into your editor.
  7. Social Image Resizer Tool. Each social media site prefers different sizes for photos, which can make for a major headache when it comes to trying to figure out all of the different sizes and aspect ratios that work on what sites. Luckily, the social image resizer tool has you covered. You can upload your desired image, and then the tool will resize it accordingly based on the social media site you are planning to upload it to.
  8. Iconfinder. This tool will help you find the perfect icon for all of your social media images. You can easily search by keyword and then refine the results based on a range of factors, including format, style, size, and much more.

As any social media optimization services provider will tell you, high-quality images are key in developing an effective social media marketing strategy. Having the right tools in your arsenal will make the image creation process more enjoyable and ensure that your social media strategy is as effective as possible.

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