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Although you know that strong content is critical for the success of your website and that marketing strategies change often, you may not be aware that for 2017, various  digital content marketing agency are using trending strategies. A reputable content marketing firm will take new approaches to drive more traffic to your site, help you engage better with prospects, and increase the number of conversions and closed deals.

Because SEO and content marketing are essential, any SEO content writing companies of interest need to have experience and expertise in both areas. Following are content marketing trends for 2017.

  1. Visual Relevance – Digital content marketing has exploded with an increasing number of people responding favorably. For 2017, visual content is having a huge impact.
  2. Mobility – Mobile internet traffic already outranks traffic from desktop computers, but now, the gap has widened further. Therefore, content must be geared toward mobile device users even more this year. If you have stalled in making the appropriate changes, start working with a top content marketing firm today.
  3. Facebook – While all social media sites serve as a platform for content, this year, Facebook is the giant for content discovery, consumption, and sharing. For that reason, your content marketing efforts need to hone in on Facebook.
  4. Visual Content – Written content will always be a relevant part of your marketing strategy, but for 2017, all options pertaining to videos and images should be explored, including Facebook Live, Twitter’s video options, Snapchat, and YouTube.
  5. Increasing User Content – User content in the form of YouTube videos, comments, shares, and reviews is another trend. This type of marketing helps build trusting relationships with prospects while enhancing trust with loyal customers.>
  6. Promotions – Promoting content is essential, but in addition to creating new content, marketers are paying more attention to existing content. To make your content a priority, SEO content writing companies are utilizing systems to republish content, reformat it, or both.
  7. Personalization – Personalized written and digital content is powerful. Although fiercely competitive, top marketers recognize the value of personalizing content opposed to pushing out large volumes of generic content.
  8. Technology – Technology used for content has grown by leaps and bounds. The trend for 2017 involves using more advanced technologies and tools with machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities.

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