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What can you expect from Google in terms of ranking factors for 2017? It certainly seems as though the search engine giant is always updating its algorithms and 2017 is likely to be no different. To stay competitive, it is imperative for brands to take full advantage of  search engine optimization services.

SEO website optimization helps to ensure that your website is updated. This includes all of Google’s latest updates, even those that may be seen in the coming months. Following are some examples of these.

Quality and Relevant Content

Content has always been king, but in 2017, Google will continue placing a strong emphasis on well-written, quality content. Brands should focus on providing users with well-researched content that includes engaging videos and high-quality images. Above all, content should be of value while imparting knowledge. While this might seem like a tall order for many brands, an SEO optimization service can help.

Page Titles

Far too often, many website owners forget to give enough attention to page titles. In actuality, page titles play a tremendous role in relation to search engine rankings. You might be surprised to learn that a page with less than quality content can still rank quite well if the page title is optimized. That does not mean that it is okay to slack off on the creation of quality content, but to demonstrate the power of page titles.

Local Optimization

Google is now giving priority to quality content that is developed specifically for local searches. In fact, not only does an astounding majority of local searches equate to a higher number of in-store visits, it prompts immediate purchase decisions. To take advantage of that, businesses will need to have their websites locally optimized. If you are not sure where to get started, an agency that specializes in local SEO website optimization can help.

Linking Profiles

Moving further into 2017, businesses will need to be proactive about cleaning up their linking profiles, rather than waiting for Google to send a warning. Even if you only invest a few minutes each day to review your website’s link profile, and removing or disavowing poor quality links, it is time well spent.

Quality Backlinks

The use of quality backlinks has always been important to ranking well in search results and 2017 will be no exception.

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