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Search Engine Optimization Starting Guide

Ready for Some Advice from Google?

Google actually has a Search Engine Optimization Starting Guide that you can download right now and dive into. Before you do get advice straight from Google though, take a moment to read through this brief overview so you have a better understanding of what you will be learning about and why it is important.

The document covers several aspects of SEO and what you can do in order to stay on the right track. There are tons of great tips to let you know exactly what you need to be aware of and consider before jumping into the game. The basic chapters cover these subjects:

The Basics of SEO – This introductory section gives the read a very brief description of what Search Engine Optimization is and what to expect from it. The writing lets you see how tags affect your search results and what you can do to get more hits on your page. It is very well written and makes even the most complicated aspects easy to comprehend.

Improving Site Structure – When you make a custom site structure, you are able to get your message out in a shorter window of time. You can create a message that briefly explains what you are about and how you can help visitors. It’s also a great way to determine the structure of your site and do some cleaning up.

Optimizing Content – Your site was chosen because of the content that was written on it. Content has a huge impact on whether or not your site will end up in the results, and this section lets you see how your content can be optimized for best results. The section also discusses the importance of anchor text and how linking content can be used to your advantage.

Dealing with Crawlers – While there is some content that you want to pop up in the results, you can also determine what should be avoided. This gives you more control and lets you fine-tune the visitor’s experience so that there are no accidents or upset visitors.

SEO with Mobile Devices – Mobile devices are not the same as a personal computer, which is why there is a different set of SEO criteria for this section. Seeing and understanding the differences gives you the opportunity to either target one audience or cover both sides of the spectrum. When you see Google’s method for mobile device SEO, you’ll have the upper hand because some do not realize that there are two different approaches to success.

Promotion Tips – The final section covers how you can promote your site and be productive in getting more visitors. By seeing what Google is looking for and what is valued, you can create the best site for your customers as well as for new visitors. See what Google has to offer so that you can get the best of both worlds!

If you think you are ready, Download Google’s SEO Starter Guide Now.

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