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Artificial intelligence (AI) is more prominent than ever. Therefore, the best firms offering search engine optimization services know they need to approach SEO differently. For instance, rather than use keywords, Google and other search engines get more information by relying on search queries. That means they no longer use a fully optimized page with on-page and off-page strategies to determine what a site provides the best results based off of, but instead, they judge by engagement metrics.

Also, Google and other search engines can better understand what other search queries occur after an initial search, which streamlines the process for users. With a search query, search engines analyze data so that they can reveal the best possible results to users. The bottom line is that search engines, especially Google, use non-traditional ranking factors to provide more relevant results. As a result, some people question if AI has forced Google to rely too much on structured data and schema.

As explained by a top SEO company, both structured data and schema remain viable strategies for sending the right signals to Google and other search engines regarding both your business and its content. In other words, just because AI is changing the landscape does not automatically mean that Google is over-relying on structured data and schema. For that reason, a reputable
SEO optimization company looks at all options when developing a marketing campaign.

Even with emerging AI, it is advantageous for an SEO company to leverage schema markup and other types of structured data to increase the understanding that search engines have of your site’s content. Not only that, but structured data enhances search visibility using things like featured snippets, rich snippets, and results of a Knowledge Graph. For increasing signals that are more search engine-friendly, which indirectly affects search ranking, structured data is critical.

Therefore, if Google and other search engines do not use structured data and schema, they miss out on incredible opportunities for increasing your site’s visibility and getting it to rank higher in search engine page results (SERPs). Determining which schema you need is often confusing, which is why using professional SEO services is so beneficial.

Experts who deal with AI and structured data SEO know which schema markup to use. Two examples include organization markup schema that enhances the presence of your website snippet in SERPs and entry of your Knowledge Graph. There is also the website schema markup that generates the Sitelinks Search Box feature specific for brand SERPs so that your company name appears in search results.

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