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B2B Lead Generation Tips and Tricks

B2B Lead Generation Tips and Tricks for Successful Lead Generation

B2B lead generation is essential to building and sustaining your business. You want to be able to identify a large number of business leads, but you also want to find quality leads that are likely to produce the kind of sales results you are looking for. Many marketers feel that the majority of their lead generation is not effective. Why is that the case? Well, there are a lot of components that go into a lead generation campaign, and there are a few important techniques that you need to learn if you want to maximize your campaign’s potential.

So what are the basic mechanics of business to business lead generation? There are four important elements: offer, call to action, landing page, and information form. The offer is a piece of content that has a high perceived value, like an e-book or coupons, offered for free (or at a significant discount) in order to draw potential customers in. The call to action is an image or button that will lead people directly to your web page. A landing page is a special web page that contains information about one particular offer, complete with a form to download that offer. Finally, a form is what you use to gather people’s information. In exchange for something free, you ask them to provide contact details. This is how you generate leads for future sales.

The issue is that many people don’t know how to effectively use these elements to generate new B2B leads. Below you will find some B2B lead generation tips and tricks for generating successful leads. There are a lot more technical details that accompany each of these tips when you put them into practice, but here is just a basic overview of the most essential information. If you would like to learn more and become a master of B2B Lead Generation, download our free PDF guide, “The 18 Greatest B2B Lead Generation Tips and Tricks”.

  • Create irresistible offers – If you are going to obtain people’s contact information, you need them to say yes to whatever you are offering. The best way to do this is to offer something that they won’t be able to resist. Make something exclusive that is only available for a limited time, and people will feel that they are missing out if they don’t act right away. Instilling a sense of urgency in your audience almost always leads to a higher turnover.
  • Use B2B calls to action that rock – If your call to action doesn’t grab someone’s attention and persuade them to click on your ad, it might as well not exist. Market your offer on social media or through emails and have an ad that is designed to be visually appealing with wording that is clear and direct. A call to action should inspire action!
  • Have B2B landing pages that convert – Research indicates that landing pages are 94% effective for B2B companies. 94%! With a landing page, marketers are able to direct visitors to targeted pages and generate leads at a much higher rate. A landing page is also beneficial because it can direct visitors to one particular offer without distracting them with all of the other material on your main site. Consider removing the navigation menu from the landing page so that visitors have fewer opportunities to leave the page using links that will distract them and lead them away from your offer. Do whatever you can to engage with people and get their attention for long enough to get their contact information.
  • Optimize your forms – When it’s time for people to sign up, subscribe or download your offer, they need to be able to use a form that isn’t cumbersome. Don’t ask for too much information. If you make the form lengthy, people will skip right over it because they don’t want to take the time to fill it all in. Everyone has a short attention span, and if there is any perception that filling out your form will take some kind of “work”, people will quickly leave the page. Even little things like the wording of the “submit” button can be made more positive to entice people to continue. Instead of “submit”, have the bottom say something like, “Get your free trial now!” A positive spin like this will make a huge difference.
  • Multi-channel B2B lead generation – Don’t expect to get the results you want if you are only using one channel of lead generation. It’s great to use your own website, but that’s not enough to have a strong presence. Other channels could be a distributor, another website, an email campaign, a social media platform or a text message. You need to make it easy for buyers to research, evaluate and purchase your products in whatever way is most convenient for them. People are quickly drawn in when you make yourself easily accessible to them. Something like regular blog posts can significantly increase your traffic because some people enjoy reading informative pieces with interesting titles that will teach them something. Because blogs can be posted on a variety of channels, regular blog activity means constant exposure.

Effective B2B lead generation online has the potential to drastically change your business for the better. Great offers, calls to action, landing pages and forms will transform your marketing and reduce your cost per lead. Your marketing and sales process will be streamlined when you optimize the power of your online presence. Remember: more traffic = more leads = more customers. It can be complicated, but it’s also just that simple.

For a complete guide on how to maximize your online lead generation, download our free PDF, “The 18 Greatest B2B Lead Generation Tips and Tricks”. The guide is complete with graphic examples for B2B lead generation strategies to help take your marketing to the next level!

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