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benefits of site maps

What are the Benefits of Site maps?

Site maps are a list of pages on your website. Creating and submitting a Site map is a way to tell a search engine what is on your website. It’s important that the search engine knows all of the pages so that nothing is missed, as pages can sometimes be unavailable through normal crawling processes. But, the benefits of Site maps extends further as well.

Site maps can be created for videos, images and news sections of your website. These can provide information about the category or running time of a video, or about the subject matter, type and license of an image. But what exactly are the benefits of Site maps? And why should you include one on your website?

How a Sitemap helps

If you have a new website, it’s important to submit a Site map so that the search engines will crawl it. Otherwise, it could be difficult to find as search engines discover sites based on following links. If your new website has few links to it and no Site map, there aren’t many options for it to be discovered.

Creating an XML Site map will help search engines understand the structure of your website. Although there’s no guarantee that it will help your website be listed faster or higher in ranking, it allows the crawler to better review your site in the future. This can be useful when you update content, create new pages, or have dynamic pages with rich features.

Site maps typically follow a standard protocol defined by sitemaps.org. If you don’t have technical expertise or are short on time, it may be easier to contact an expert who can generate one on your behalf. In no circumstance could a Site map lead to a penalization, so there’s really nothing to lose.

As the intuitive moniker suggests, Site maps are basically a way for search engines to lay out the landscape of your website. This helps your content be registered and understood, both at the time of crawling and when the search engine crawls your website in the future. It’s an essential component of nearly every website, so it’s important to create and submit a Site map to keep up with your competitors and to facilitate the process of how search engines interact with your website.

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