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Can the Google Cache 404 Error Impact Your Search Rankings

Some people worry about the effect of Google Cache 404 errors on their search rankings. According to Google, there is no direct correlation. A top company that provides digital marketing reassures people that there is no need to worry about the cache 404 message causing a problem with the indexing of your site or a decline in search results.

Why? This message is an issue with Google’s internal Cache server. For that reason, it has nothing to do with indexing your site or dropping your search engine results pages (SERPs). That means if you notice a decline in the number of searches, either your team or a reputable search engine optimization company needs to look at other potential culprits.

If you have a problem with 404 error messages and do not have an internal marketing team, the best thing you can do is utilize professional search engine optimization services. The company you hire will look at this problem as well as any other possible issues. With his or her experience, an expert will identify the reason for the lower search results, followed by making the appropriate changes.

404 Error Messages – Helping or Hurting Your SEO?

Think of a Cache 404 error message as buying a car. You show up at the dealership, but no salesperson approaches you to assist. Ultimately, people trying to reach your page need an answer to a question, but instead of receiving help, it is like someone forgot to show up. Along with humans, search engine crawlers and Google bots also receive 404 errors.

Search engines do not consider these errors negative. Therefore, if some of the links on your site produce a 404 error, your search results do not automatically decline. However, Google, as well as other search engines, reward websites that give the user a positive experience. That means if you have a page sending a 404 message, search engines will notice since it affects the service that people expect and deserve.

What it comes down to is that Google Cache 404 errors do not have a direct impact on the indexing and search results of your website, but they do indirectly affect your SEO. When people receive an error message, their overall online experience diminishes. In the long run, they could hurt your SEO strategies. That is why it is essential that you take these messages seriously and contact a respected search engine optimization company to correct the issue.

How to Prevent 404 Errors Associated with Links

Fortunately, both Bing and Google offer webmaster tools that make it relatively easy to find the source of the 404 messages. Whether you’re doing the work internally or relying on professional search engine optimization services, the following steps are imperative.

  • Links – The expert will verify URLs for any on-site links, make sure they work, and take visitors to the correct source. As an example, any misspelled or broken links in articles or blogs must have the correct working URL address.
  • Redirects – For common misspellings, creating redirects is crucial. For instance, if you have a real estate website and the word “house” is part of your URL, anyone who misspells it as “houes” or “huose” will receive a 404 error. With a redirect, any time someone tries to reach your website using one of those two incorrectly spelled words will reach the intended destination – your site.
  • Outside Sources – The expert from the search engine optimization company will also identify whether any other websites linking to yours have your URL misspelled. In that case, the resolution is to make the other webmaster aware of the issue.

Rest assured that 404 errors will not affect indexing or search ranking, but over time, they can impact your SEO. That is why this is something that you want to fix or have fixed. For professional assistance, find a trusted search engine optimization company.

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