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If there is one thing that you can count on, it is that Google is ever-changing. As the largest and most popular search engine in the world, it understands the need for new tools and systems as well as modifications to existing options. Instead of trying to stay current on everything that Google does, you can rely on a reputable pay per click agency. Using innovative solutions launched by Google, the right SEM agency will always implement the appropriate changes that enhance your site.

AdWords Interface Changes

As announced, Google is rolling out a new AdWords interface alpha to a higher number of advertisers. Slowly, this new interface, first introduced this past March, is granting alpha access to more account holders. Upon receiving access, advertisers can take a guided tour to see the new UI loads, which have more new features. The following are a few examples.

  • Promotion Extensions – With the new UL, promotion extensions make it possible to show and link to a particular offer within text ads. With a tag icon, the page stands out.
  • Household Income Targeting – Another new feature of the AdWords interface is targeting and reporting household income, which is available for search campaigns. With a chart located on the top of the page, the expert at the SEM agency you hire can quickly view the performance of your campaign as well as segments of household income. That individual can also set bid adjustments at either the campaign or ad group level.
  • Audiences Page – There is also an audiences page for the new interface, which serves as one place for managing target audiences along with optimizations. For audience targeting in AdWords, this feature also points out new terminology.

AdWords Budgeting Changes

Google also changes AdWords budgeting. Although many questions remain as to the impact these changes will have, advertisers know that campaigns can often spend up to twice the daily budget set for campaigns. Now in effect, this change will impact the way a campaign spends based on several factors. This budgeting change focuses on accounting for daily fluctuations in traffic that occur throughout the month. Also, for continuously running campaigns during the month with no daily budget, advertisers will not get charged more than the monthly budget limit.

Trusting the Experts

At MacRAE’S Marketing, an experienced and trusted SEO and pay per click advertising agency, we will assess every change that Google makes to ensure that we select what will benefit you most. For information about our company and services, visit us online or call today.


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