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Wouldn’t it be nice if you had an idea of what to expect regarding crowds before attending an event or stopping by a business? With Google’s Crowd Control feature, you can. Google launched the Popular Times feature last year in Google Search and Maps. This feature allows users to check how busy a location usually is at various times during the week.

Now, Google has made the feature even better by offering the ability to see how a crowded place is in real time. With this feature, users can see how busy a location is at any given time and then decide whether they want to go right then or  wait for the crowd to thin out.

The introduction of the feature has had a remarkable effect on digital advertising. It has now become even more important to register your business with Google maps and Google Plus. Google’s Crowd Control feature will let your consumers know vital details like whether it is open at that time and the traffic around the place. This will ensure that you do not miss out on potential business. Ask your  internet marketing company about this feature and ensure that you are well represented in all the platforms of Google.

In terms of the consumers, the feature is also beneficial in terms of time management. It’s happened to everyone at one time or another. You had no idea that a restaurant would be so crowded. After arriving, you end up spending more time at dinner than you had planned. As a result, you end up missing the beginning of your movie! Google’s crowd control app will help you avoid this problem by giving you valuable insight about real time crowds at a specific location.

The app also helps with departmental and service hours. Stores, restaurants, and businesses often have multiple hours for special services and different departments. With this Google feature, users have the opportunity to get information about various hours. That way, they know exactly when they should stop by, knowing they will have access to the department needed.

While the feature is still relatively new, it is gaining in popularity. Therefore, business owners need to  ensure that they take full advantage of the app. Today, more and more customers are on the go. They use their smartphones to check everything, including restaurant recommendations, movie timings, department store business hours, and more, while being out and about. Using this feature in your digital marketing plan is bound to reflect in the increase of sales.

There is no question that it pays for brands to be sure that their businesses are well represented in the mobile world. The introduction of Crowd Control by Google is just one more step toward accommodating consumers and business owners who rely on mobile devices.

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