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The success of an online marketing strategy is contingent on a number of factors,

including successfully identifying and responding to the needs of a target audience,

setting realistic goals and tracking progress appropriately, setting an appropriate budget,

and developing a long-term plan. Unfortunately, because nascent entrepreneurs tend to

have a lot on their plates, they are prone to making serious blunders when it comes to

developing and executing an online marketing strategy. From failing to identify a target

audience to forgetting to measure results, these online marketing mistakes can have

serious ramifications down the line. They may even affect a burgeoning business’s

potential for growth. So, if you want to succeed in the online marketing arena as an

entrepreneur, you need to make sure that you’re avoiding these common online

marketing mistakes.

They don’t have a target audience. As any online marketing agency will tell you, this is

one of the worst mistakes you can possibly make. Successful online marketing means that

you need to understand who is most likely to buy your product and service, as well as the

wants, needs, and preferences of that target demographic. You can then tailor your online

marketing strategy accordingly. Without this information, your strategy is doomed to fail.

Their expectations are unrealistic. When you’re just getting a business up and running

and are just starting to develop and implement an online marketing strategy, you simply

aren’t going to see instant results. Unless your first post goes viral by some magical

stroke of luck, it is likely that you will have to continuously make tweaks to your strategy

in order to see sustained results. Remember, online marketing is a marathon — not a

sprint. With that being said, it is important to be wary of any online marketing company

who promises to deliver overnight success.

They skimp on their online marketing budget. Many entrepreneurs funnel a significant

chunk of cash into a website marketing company for website development and promotion

but don’t allocate enough funds for broader content marketing activities. While most

entrepreneurs don’t have loads of extra cash to throw around, it’s still critical to set a

realistic budget for online marketing so that there are ample resources for key activities,

like content development, social media marketing, and SEO.

They’re using too many social media platforms. Many entrepreneurs are tempted to

run out and open an account on every social media platform possible. This is a mistake.

Don’t do it. When you’re just developing an online marketing strategy, your best bet is to

target your strategy to a handful of social media platforms where your target audience has

the most established presence. Then, use those platforms regularly to deliver relevant

updates and pertinent information.

They don’t measure their results. Especially as you are just developing an online

marketing strategy, it is critical to measure results. This will give you insight into what is

working and what isn’t, allowing you to adjust your strategy accordingly and boost your


Ultimately, these common online marketing mistakes can do serious damage to a

startup’s prospects for long-term growth, hindering the ability to attract new customers,

boost online visibility, and, ultimately, grow its bottom line. Therefore, it’s best to get a

good online marketing strategy going right off the bat. For entrepreneurs struggling to

develop a comprehensive and effective online marketing strategy, it can be advantageous

to get professional help from an online marketing agency or website marketing company.

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