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In the world of marketing, content marketing is starting to slowly increase so that it is now accompanying traditional SEO tactics. The most important thing to remember about this new type of marketing is that readers and customers want unique stories and experiences that are informational, interesting, and helpful. Here are just some of the most important content marketing guidelines for this year.

Update Consistently in Content Marketing

One of the absolute most important content marketing guidelines is to update your content regularly. As soon as you set up your content for the first time, think about how often you want it to be updated and then stay consistent. The most common choices are updating every day, week, or month. Obviously choosing to update every day will be a time-consuming process due to both the writing and the search for quality topics. Therefore, consider right from the start if this is feasible. If not, go for weekly updates. By having regular updates, readers will know when they can expect a new post and will go to your page on that day, giving you more regular traffic.

Make Your Content Marketing Informational

Even if you update your website daily, this won’t help at all with content marketing unless you actually share quality information. Because of this, one of the content marketing guidelines is to provide information that is actually useful to your readers. You want to give some sort of information that will keep them coming back for more, and to do this, it needs to be relevant.

Use Content Marketing to Emotionally Connect

No matter what type of advertising you use, playing at your customers’ emotions is a crucial tool. Content marketing is no different, and because of that one of the guidelines for this strategy is to do your best to emotionally connect with your customers. Post content that readers care about so they feel as if it truly matters and affects them.

Market Your Content in the Right Place

Following all of the other content marketing guidelines won’t make a difference unless you put your content in the right place. Take the time to seriously consider where your audience is and then share the content accordingly. If, for example, you are a consumer company, you should probably post links to your posts and content on Facebook. Remember that your resources aren’t limitless and that with the number of social networks online today, you can’t feasibly use all of them. That being said, take the time to focus even more on the social networks that your customers use. Try Sponsored Posts when you use Facebook, Promoted Tweets on Twitter, or Sponsored Updates when you post items on LinkedIn. Using your advertising budget wisely can make a huge difference in terms of your content marketing.

Tell Stories as Marketing

A final content marketing guideline to keep in mind is that although customers want good, quality information, they will also want something that helps you seem human. They like to learn more about your company, so tell personal stories. Try, for example, talking about your company’s humble beginnings, the challenges your employees face, how the leadership lives, or even some of your previous customers whoovercame obstacles in the past. These stories will make it easier for customers to connect with your business, improving the effectiveness of your marketing strategy.

Content Marketing
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