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For most industrial manufacturers and distributors, it can be difficult to rise above the competition. One of the reasons this can be so challenging for distributors is that their competition typically has the same type of inventory. As a result, industrial B2B website content tends to be quite similar, which can make it difficult to separate one industrial distributor from another. This can make it tricky to create a content strategy for industrial manufacturers, but it is not impossible. Although manufacturers may find it difficult to create their own content, either because they do not feel comfortable doing so or because they do not have the necessary resources, working with an industrial content marketing company can make the process easier and more effective.

Golden Opportunities for B2B Industrial Content Marketing

An excellent place to begin with a B2B content marketing strategy is the About Us page. Unfortunately, most industrial manufacturers ignore this area, not realizing that this is often one of the most visited pages on their website, following their Home and Contact pages. The content on the About Us page is where prospective customers get to know your company and learn what you can do for them, so it certainly pays to spend some time developing the content on this page. This is one area where you can differentiate your business from the competition by explaining your industry expertise and accomplishments while setting the stage for building strong customer relationships. Other important pieces of information include Mission and Value Statements and information about your team.

Consider providing content regarding value added services. This can be particularly important when you offer a complete solution. Focus on how your solutions add value to your client’s business. This could include reduced operating costs, downtime, etc.

The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page is another excellent opportunity for providing quality B2B content marketing. This content will not only improve your site’s on-page SEO, but can also be quite helpful to your visitors and prospective customers. In order to make this strategy work, you need to develop content that extends beyond the typical questions. Doing so can help your distributing company to highlight its knowledge and expertise.

Using Blogging as Part of Your Industrial Content Marketing Strategy

Industrial blogs can also form part of a successful content strategy for industrial manufacturers. Blogging has proven to be highly effective for a variety of industries, and it can also work quite well for a distributing or manufacturing company, if you focus on your subject matter expertise. Although blogging does require time and resource commitment, the payoff in terms of SEO and traffic can be tremendous. If you find it difficult to allocate the resources necessary for blogging, working with an industrial content marketing company can help.

In developing a B2B content marketing strategy for your manufacturing or distributing company, keep in mind the importance of understanding what your audience wants. Marketing to a B2B audience does differ from marketing to a B2C company. Take the time to get to know your customers and what they want to know about your services and products, and then customize your content marketing to those goals.

Finally, consider how you will create your content strategy. Perhaps you have a small in-house marketing team or feel overwhelmed at the number of content creation options. Planning your content marketing strategy in advance can help to ensure that you do not get bogged down with information paralysis.

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