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Content has been king, is king, and will always be king. Without it, there is no way to relay information on a website to visitors. It is also an integral part of making sure a website is indexed properly so potential customers can find it. In 2017, the relevancy of content in the world of digital marketing is going to continue just as it has for the better part of the past two decades. However, there are trends that the best content marketing companies will follow to ensure their clients get the most out of their content.

Building a Good Digital Content Marketing Strategy

All of the top agencies know that creating a good content marketing strategy is everything. This trend carries over from year to year, so it’s not unique to 2017. Having a sound strategy and consistently reviewing it makes a content marketing company very successful in serving its clients. From this come the content marketing trends that are going to make 2017 stand out:

  1. Native Advertising – This is a method of distributing content, so it is a form of content marketing. The information is highly targeted and seen as valuable, but you are using a content distribution platform that isn’t your own. This is a good way to distribute because the content is delivered in a stream.
  2. Influencer Marketing – Influencer marketing works with content because it involves someone who is well-known influencing others to decide about a product or service. Perhaps that person can well-known in his or her industry writing a blog post or a famous person contributing in some way.
  3. Video and Pictures – The best content marketing companies have used video and pictures for quite some time, but it isn’t about the viral video as much as it is about building something that constantly delivers valuable information.
  4. Facebook – Facebook is still going to dominate. It is a powerhouse for promoting to a targeted audience and should always be a part of a good digital content marketing strategy. Facebook can be leveraged to drive leads.
  5. Snapchat – Snapchat can also be used to drive traffic to a website that has great content. If you can leverage Snapchat, then it makes sense that you can use practically any social media platform to market your business.
  6. Mobile – Mobile content is becoming everything because people research on the go. Your website may have great content, but can people on mobile devices easily read it? Make sure your website is responsive so mobile users have the same advantage as desktop users.

The Best Content Marketing Companies Stay Aware

It is very important that you remain aware of the trends and changes. Creative content distribution, email marketing, and analytics are all going to remain relevant in 2017. People want information, and it is all about doing everything possible to ensure they get that information when they want it. If a person can’t access information easily, he or she will move on. You can capture, keep, and convert customers by staying in tune with the latest content marketing trends.

Content Marketing
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