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Converting leads into customers requires a carefully tailored B2B strategy. You need to make contact with other businesses and convince them to buy your business’s products or services. Of course, this is easier said than done. Luckily, we’re here to help with your B2B leads generation. Remember, lead nurturing is a crucial step of inbound marketing, so be sure to keep the following tips and tricks in mind when working to convert leads into clients.

Establish a process for dealing with sales leads. In order to maximize the efficacy of lead generation, it is critical to have a process to deal with sales leads. Whether a lead as filled in a form on your website or called into the office, you need a clear plan of attack for who will answer the query, how it will be answered, and how the lead will be tracked as it moves through the sales cycle. This will help ensure brand consistency across the board, ensuring that no matter whom the lead interacts with, your brand will be well represented. Ideally, all inbound sales leads should be directed to a senior member of your team, as they will have the most experience and expertise in dealing with clients.

Take the time to qualify your leads. You can’t assume that all leads will be a great fit for your company. When you’re in the initial process of dealing with a sales lead, you need to take some time to qualify the lead. That means figuring out whether you can meet his or her needs with your services. Ask the lead about his or her needs, expectations, etc. to see if your company can deliver.

Be sure to set up email notifications for inbound queries. If your business has a high-performing website that ranks well for relevant queries in SERPs, then chances are good that you receive a decent quantity of inbound queries each week from business owners who are in the market for your services. Setting up email notifications for these inbound queries is an excellent way to convert leads into customers, as the quicker you reach out to business owners who need your services, the more likely it is that you will acquire them as customers. The research on the matter is clear. For example, researchers at the Harvard Business Review discovered that businesses that contact a prospect within an hour of getting an inquiry are more than seven times more likely to have that prospect positively engage with them. Pretty impressive, right? A rapid response time is especially important for B2B leads generation strategies, as it demonstrates that your company is responsive and customer service oriented. When you set up email notifications for inbound queries, you ensure that you can get back to leads as quickly as possible, thereby raising the chance that you will be able to convert leads into clients.

Include compelling marketing materials in your initial response or follow-up. As all lead generation services will tell you, well-crafted, highly compelling materials are an invaluable part of converting leads into clients. Especially in terms of B2B leads generation, excellent marketing materials can go a long way in helping you convert leads into customers. Remember, a full 90 percent of organizations now market themselves using content, so you need to be able to compete. Ideally, you will want to have a B2B marketing strategy in place that includes materials for each point in the sales cycle. That way, you can provide materials that are appropriate to the lead’s place in the sales cycle and go on nurturing the lead through the cycle with compelling content.

Don’t be afraid to follow up. Sometimes leads need a bit of extra encouragement to purchase your company’s products or services. Reach out with a phone call or an email to remind a lead that you’re still here and that you’re interested in acquiring his or her busines.

Remember, you can turn a lead into a loyal client. All it takes is some careful strategizing and bit of persistence!

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