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digital content marketing agency offers insight into two in particular services, native advertising and content marketing. Keep in mind that most content marketing firms and digital online content marketing agencies offer services only for content marketing, although some do offer native advertising, as well.

As explained by a reputable content marketing agency, only recently has the online marketing community started buzzing about native advertising, although the concept is not new. Native advertising is also referred to as “sponsored content,” “infomercials,” and “advertorials” or, if you go way back, “newspaper advertorials.” In simple terms, this is a practice whereby advertising is carefully disguised to appear as editorial content that is placed in publications.

Now in its modern form, native advertising is appearing as sponsored tweets on Twitter, sponsored stories on Facebook, and sponsored articles on news websites. Comparing the two, you will see how they differentiate.


  • Native Advertising – This content looks as if it provides real value when, in reality, the goal is to sell products or services. While advertising appears to solve problems, by “happenstance,” consumers are being pushed to buy something. Native advertising offers little value unless the product or service is purchased.
  • Content Marketing – Content focuses on building trust with readers over a period of time by offering useful and relevant information. The intention is to generate sales leads or actual sales, although increasing sales typically comes over time by continuously providing fresh content. Instead of selling a product or service, the content offers valuable information.


  • Native Advertising – Typically, ads have a pushy and hard-selling tone. While advertising seems friendly, this only serves to mirror the publication’s writing style.
  • Content Marketing – The tone of content is effective, knowledgeable, and authentic. Rather than being prompted to buy something, readers gain insight about solving a particular problem. With the focus on building rapport and engaging with readers, good content provides readers with real solutions and/or actionable tips.


  • Native Advertising – Today, readers are tired of pushy sales and quite good at sniffing out native advertising. Therefore, benefits are limited.
  • Content Marketing – Because it creates opportunities for building trust with readers and provides shareable content for social media sites, blogs, and email lists while skirting legal issues that would be evident with native advertising, it is highly beneficial.

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