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Doorway Pages Defined by Google for Ranking for Keyword Permutations

As expressed by a top-rated SEO services company, Google is not a fan of doorway pages. As for their definition, the search engine giant stated that doorways equate to pages or websites designed to rank high based on specific search queries. Because of that, Google considers them bad for users.

Ultimately, doorway pages guide users to several pages that share a lot of similarities in search results. That means that users end up at a destination that is virtually the same. A spokesperson for Google went on to explain that doorway pages also take users to intermediate pages as the destinations, which provides little benefit.

Doorway Page Examples

A professional SEO firm breaks it down by using examples of how doorway pages work.

  • Multiple pages or domain names targeting specific cities or regions that lead users to just one page
  • Significant number of similar pages that rank closer in search results than a well-defined hierarchy that users can browse
  • Generated pages that funnel visitors into a relevant or usable area of a website or more than one website

Proper Web Page Optimization

Since Google does not like doorway pages, it is essential to avoid them. Unless you have a marketing team with a lot of experience, you probably want to leave the optimization of your web pages to a professional SEO services company. That way, you have assurance that the correct design elements and optimization strategies are implemented.

An expert marketer will create your web pages solely for ranking purposes so that, ultimately, they make sense to the people who visit your site. If Google cannot figure out your pages, you have a problem. The last thing you want is to get penalized.

The goal in developing web pages is to ensure that Google’s crawlers understand them so they get indexed correctly. The expert who provides SEO assistance will use the appropriate structure, optimization, and keywords to make sure that happens. Otherwise, you risk your web pages not getting indexed, which would negatively impact your site’s ranking.

Trusting the Best SEO Expert

In the world of optimization, not only is it critical to stay on top of changes and additions, but it’s also important to know what Google does and does not like. Since that is an overwhelming task, you can always rely on our experts at MacRAE’S Marketing. With incredible optimization skills, we will make sure that Google has no problem with your web pages. Call or visit us online today for our professional assistance.

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