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A big misconception about email marketing is that it is dead. In reality, reputable lead generation companies rely heavily on this strategy for increasing their number of viable leads. By working with a top SEM agency, you can learn how to generate leads using an email marketing campaign or have one of its experts create a superior campaign on your behalf.

Following are some of the things that you should know when using emails as part of your overall lead generation marketing campaign.

  • Attention-Grabbing Subject Line – Recipients of emails will make a quick decision about opening an email based on what they read in the subject line. Therefore, you need to use words that grab attention. You want a compelling subject line, something that triggers interest so that prospects read what you send.
  • Personal Sender – Instead of sending out emails from a business, have them come from an actual person. To recipients, this makes the emails appear more personal, which automatically creates a connection. Even better, add a photo of that individual in the bottom portion of the email for enhanced engagement.
  • Personalized Content – For boosting your leads by as much as 14 percent and conversions up to 10 percent, be sure that your emails contain personalized content. As an example, address prospects by their first names and make the content appear as though the email only went to them as opposed to multiple people.
  • Responsive Templates – Now that more people use mobile devices to search online as opposed to laptop and desktop computers, using responsive templates is essential. With this, you can create more professional emails across multiple platforms.
  • Engaging Call-to-Action – For effective lead generation marketing using emails, you need a CTA that engages and thereby prompts a prospect to take the requested action.
  • Valuable Content – Well-written content, meaning it is original, informative, useful, and compelling, has always been a critical part of any successful marketing campaign. The same goes for emails in that readers want content deemed “valuable.”
  • Social Sharing – You should also add buttons for social sharing. This simple strategy works by expanding your reach to new leads.
  • Unsubscribe Link – The last thing you want is for someone on the receiving end of your emails to feel trapped. Although you do not want people to unsubscribe, you want to give people that option. Without this link, you could lose credibility.

At MacRAE’s Marketing, we have the experience and expertise needed to take your campaign to a new level of success. For assistance, please contact us today.

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