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An autoresponder series — a series of emails that are typically dedicated to a particular topic and delivered in a preset sequence at established intervals — is an excellent strategy to build trust with your prospects. Moreover, that trust can lead to more sales. However, creating an autoresponder series that is compelling and valuable can be a bit tricky. Luckily, we’re here to help you plan the perfect autoresponder series.

Select your topic wisely. If you want your autoresponder series to be a hit with your audience, it needs to satisfy some kind of informational need. That means you need to choose your topic wisely. Ideally, this process should entail doing a bit of investigation to figure out your audience’s needs and pain points. To do this, you will want to listen into social media, research keywords, and assess your own content to see what topics performed best.

Get your introductory email right. The first email in the series is arguably the most important, as it will set the tone for the rest of the series. In this first email, you need to make sure that you offer a personalized introduction, some basic information about your business, contact information, and links and hooks to your readers, as well as set appropriate expectations for future communication.

Strike the right balance between educational content and promotional content. Ideally, a good autoresponder series will offer educational content that informs the customer. This isn’t to say that you can never throw in an offer or a promotion, but you can’t go overboard. As most email marketing services will tell you, one of the most important email marketing tips for an autoresponder series is ensuring you have the right mix of educational and promotional content.

Segment autoresponder series based on user behavior. You don’t necessarily want to send out the same autoresponder series to all of your prospects. It tends to be a good idea to segregate based on relevant demographic information, interest, or consumer behavior in order to maximize conversion rates.

Make sure every line contains value. Your readers are busy and probably don’t have time to read paragraph after paragraph of text, so do your best to keep things short and succinct. There is no magical number when it comes to deciding length. The key is to make sure that every line has value. If everything you’ve put onto the page is truly valuable content, then the length is irrelevant — you may even find readers embracing longer emails.

Consider length in conjunction with scheduling. There is an important caveat to the above point about length: You need to consider length in conjunction with scheduling. You will need to develop some kind of schedule for your autoresponder series to decide how often your readers will be getting an email. If you’re planning to send three rapid-fire emails in three days, it is probably best to keep them on the shorter side.

Don’t be afraid to test. If you’re not sure what might work, don’t be afraid to do some A/B testing to figure out which options are the most effective. And, of course, even when you aren’t directly testing, you should be paying attention to your analytics and making any necessary tweaks to your autoresponder series strategy.

In conclusion, creating an autoresponder series is one of the best email marketing tips out there. They are a basis for lead nurturing, provide valuable support for the sales process, build long-term relationships, and encourage customer loyalty. However, you have to do it right. If you need more help and guidance to create your autoresponder series, don’t hesitate to contact email marketing services.

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