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How the Emergence of Voice Search Will Alter the SEO Landscape

People who provide SEO services are all too aware of how different changes impact the SEO landscape. Voice search is a prime example. Although it never hurts to have some degree of knowledge when changes occur, you can leave the expertise to a reputable SEO services company. Working on your behalf, an expert understands voice search and how it will affect your marketing efforts, which allows that individual to make the most appropriate decisions.

Considering that voice search is convenient and fun to use, it is easy to see why it is growing at a fast pace. There is also the reliability factor thanks to technological improvements behind the scene for services like Cortana and Siri. In response to the increasing popularity of voice search, marketers customize SEO strategies that coordinate and complement it. Below are three examples of how voice search will reshape SEO in the future:

  1. Extra Emphasis on Mobile Users – As you know, the number of people who search online via a mobile device far exceeds desktop users. However, now that voice search is skyrocketing, putting extra emphasis on mobile searches is even more critical. For a marketer to accommodate people who use voice searches using a mobile device while on the go, your content gets optimized for devices that rank higher in voice searches.
  2. Natural Speech Patterns – When searching online, people type and speak differently. For instance, when typing, you might use the words “currency exchange China,” whereas, when speaking, you would say something like, “What is the current exchange rate in China?” As voice search programming becomes more refined and sophisticated, it quickly picks up on quirks in speech. The company that provides search engine optimization services must account for that when designing and developing SEO strategies.
  3. Long-Tail Keywords – Another change to the SEO landscape has to do with the diminishing relevancy of long-tail keywords. As the ratio of voice search continues to grow faster compared to typing, experts focus more attention on choosing the correct keywords for capturing searches performed via voice. For boosting the SEO on your website, the professional you hire will use conversational long-tail keywords, which consist of terms specific to your product or service.

At MacRAE’s Marketing, we understand how voice search has and will continue to change the SEO landscape. For that reason, we make all of the necessary changes when optimizing your site. For more information, please contact a representative today.

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