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Google continuously unveils new tools, apps, services, and algorithms, but now, it has a new search engine called Poly. Although you can spend valuable time researching and trying to figure out how to use this search engine, a better solution entails hiring a professional SEO services company. That way, you can get insight and take full advantage of what Poly offers faster than going it alone.

Insight into Poly

Following are some of the exciting aspects of Poly, offered by a company that provides professional SEO services.

  • Poly allows you to find 3D objects to use in apps that have augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) capabilities but without leaving VR.
  • This search engine has everything you need, whether creating an intense or serene AR or VR experience.
  • Google’s goal in developing Poly was to organize information from around the world, making it a one-stop shop for browsing three-dimensional scenes and objects.
  • Google kickstarted this endeavor by commissioning talented artists to create thousands of objects, giving creators a base level from which to start.
  • Along with the vast inventory of standard 3D objects in Poly’s database, Google offers users access to virtual scenes and objects created in two of its apps used for building and sculpting 3D objects in VR, including Blocks and Brush.
  • Creative Commons licenses the 3D objects currently available in Poly. As a result, you can use and remix whatever you want but only if you give credit to the original creator.
  • If you want, you can even upload objects that you created in Tilt Brush, Blocks, or from your OBJ files at no cost.
  • With Poly, you can share your work or keep it private.
  • You have the option of browsing categories or searching for individual 3D objects.
  • At this time, Google’s focus is on building a platform for discovery, which includes free 3D objects.
  • Adopting its low-polygon stylistic preference, a significant number of the objects featured in Poly have similarities to what Blocks offers, which is Google’s VR 3D object creation app. According to the company, it selected this style because it fits perfectly with its Daydream VR platform, thereby making rendering less complicated.
  • Especially for game developers, Google will add functionality in other game engines like Unreal and Unity, making Poly highly addictive.

Professional Marketing Services

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