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As a local business, you will notice a huge improvement in your profits by taking the time to increase your ranking on search engines. In order to do this, you need to use various SEO strategies, including using keywords and getting quality citations. Google and other search engines place a great deal of emphasis on citations when determining rankings, because they demonstrate your authority as a page or business and confirm the information. If you are new to the industry or promoting your website, you may not have any idea of where to get citations for local business. Luckily, it is usually much easier than you think.

Find Directories and Aggregators to Get Local Citations

The first place to look if you are wondering where to get citations for local business is various online directories or aggregators. The easiest way to find a list of the best aggregators and directories is to do a search for your industry and city combined. Some common examples of aggregators include Trip Advisor, Yelp, City Search, Yellow Pages, Urban Spoon, and Yahoo Local. You can also look for directories that are specific to your industry, such as a directory just for plumbers if you are a plumbing company.

Search for Competitors to Find Where to Get Citations

Another great way to find citations for your business is to take a look at your competitors. Just do a quick search for one of them, and you will quickly see where they are cited. Then contact these sources so you are listed there as well. Ideally there shouldn’t be any places that they are cited and you are not.

Take Advantage of Social Media for Getting Citations for Local Business

More and more people are using social media, and these pages are becoming not only a great way to improve your brand recognition, but also a good source of citations. Just take the time to create a page on the most popular pages, such as Google+, Facebook, Foursquare, LinkedIn, and Twitter, then add in the necessary information.

Consider Alternative Sources of Citations for Local Business

If you are looking for where to get citations for local business, then you aren’t just limited to directories and social media. Anytime that your business is mentioned with the pertinent information, it counts as a citation, whether or not a link to your website is included. This means that something simple,such ascreating a profile page or answering questions on a question and answer page, can count as a citation. Other options include in the byline from a guest post or article or in a press release.

Be Careful with Citations for Local Business

Although citations are necessary for improving your rank on search engines, you do have to be careful when creating them. Keep in mind that as with other elements of SEO, quality is much more important than quantity. You want the information in every citation to match exactly, and this includes not only the name of your business, but also the phone number, address, and website. Any variations between citations will be a negative signal to Google and other search engines. That means that they could lower your ranking. Because of this, you should always double-check your citations after they are made to ensure the information is correct.

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