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More Result Search Button for Mobile Sites

Just like 2017, this year is proving to be quite eventful for Google. As explained by a company known for providing professional SEO services, this search engine giant recently announced an advanced “results” button for smartphones and tablets. With the “Advanced Result” search button, not only does the mobile SERP have a new way of displaying additional search results, but this has also removed annoying pagination.

How Will the “Advanced Button” Work?

A professional SEO firm stated that until this change, results from secondary organic searches showed up on smartphones and tablets the same way as when using a desktop or laptop computer. Now, when mobile users click the “Additional Results” button, SERP expands. In response to that, users can scroll down to see more results.

Google’s goal in making this change was to speed up the process for people who wanted more search results using smartphones and tablets. It accomplished that by eliminating the step that required mobile users to move to a new page if they wished to see more results than initially provided.

Also referred to as the “More Results” button, retrieving additional results on mobile devices just became easier and faster. Rather than click on “next” at the bottom of the screen to see more results, users simply continue scrolling until they find what they want.

Is SEO Impacted?

The one question received the most by a professional SEO services company about the “Advanced Results” button is: does it impact SEO, and if so, how? As of February 2018, roughly 57 percent of traffic now comes from mobile devices. Along with that, almost 80 percent of keywords used on a desktop computer versus a mobile device differ.

Recently, Google announced the rollout of first-mobile indexing to improve the experience of mobile device users. Fortunately, neither that initiative or the “More Results” button will have any impact on SEO for people who search online using a mobile device.

Google first officially tested this button over several days starting in early April of this year. According to an expert with a professional SEO firm, this change will benefit most if not all searchers using mobile devices. The new “Advanced Results” button is something that helps every person who uses a smartphone or tablet to search online.

As you probably know, Google first began focusing heavily on enhancing the experience that mobile users had back in 2015. The addition of this search button is one more step to making sure that happens. Experts believe mobile searches will reach 73 percent of all online searches within the next few years. As the top search engine, it is not surprising to see Google leading the way toward improvements.

Seeking Professional Help

To optimize your website correctly, thereby providing your visitors with a positive experience, it is essential that you utilize the services of a professional SEO firm. Keeping Google’s requirements and changes in mind, an expert will start by assessing your site, looking for weak areas that need strengthening as well as missed opportunities.

Based on the findings, that individual will then recommend the appropriate remedies. After receiving your approval to move forward, the SEO expert will make all the necessary changes on your behalf. Remember, making your site as mobile-friendly as possible is vital to future success. The better experience users have, the happier Google becomes. As a result, you can expect better crawling and indexing, leading to a higher ranking in SERPs.

If you need help with your online strategy, get help from a professional SEO firm. These experts can work hard on your behalf to provide you with the results your business needs.

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