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For advertising purposes, professional pay per click services are essential. Relying on the experience and expertise of an expert from a top pay per click agency offers you tremendous benefits, making this an excellent investment. Recently, an employee of Google clicked on AdWords only for the ads to be exempt from charges, which indicates a mistake.

A professional who provides pay per click advertising services is not only aware of how AdWords works but also knows which mistakes to avoid. As in the case of the exempt charges, it is evident that something went wrong. After all, Google AdWords is the top advertising platform that disseminates information in exchange for a price.

When used correctly, AdWords is an excellent tool for driving traffic to your site. However, when you do not follow the rules, you could pay a hefty price. The last thing you want is for a pay per click agency to make a mistake that would ultimately cost you more than what the ads generate. For that reason, it is imperative to use trusted services. The following are a few examples of mistakes that experts know to avoid.

  • Incorrect Keyword Grouping – With AdWords, an expert creates campaign ad groups for managing various types of campaigns. That way, the individual can break your ads and keywords down into ad groups for each campaign. A big mistake entails not using ad groups. What happens is that instead of segmenting your ads into groups based on similar keywords, they all get lumped together into one ad group, which means that everyone sees the same ad.
  • Incorrect Keyword Matches – Another mistake that experts avoid has to do with using the wrong keyword matches, whether a phrase, broad match or exact keyword. For a campaign, Google allows the addition of keywords, using one of the three options mentioned. If someone uses incorrect keyword matches, your ad will not appear as you wanted, which would negatively impact the desired results.
  • Avoiding Negative Keywords – For a successful campaign, a pay per click agency knows that both standard and negative keywords are essential. Google AdWords allows negative keywords to help exclude any keyword deemed a poor match for your product or service. Therefore, not using them would limit how your searches display.

At MacRAE’S Marketing, we understand the rules for using Google AdWords to get the most bang for your buck. We would love the opportunity to help you with this or any other SEO strategy. Contact us by phone to get started today.

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