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When it comes to using a web design services company, a trusted expert identifies and implements the appropriate SEO strategies to improve your site and enhance its potential success. One area in particular that a web design and development company focuses on is ensuring that mobile users can find your website quickly using a mobile device. Considering that millions of people rely on mobile devices for searching online, using the appropriate SEO strategies are essential.

For a web design and development services company to apply the most effective strategies, it must stay on top of changes made by search engines, especially Google. A prime example is that Google launched Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP) as a way of making mobile web browsing faster. Knowledge of these types of changes is what allows a professional to choose the course of action that will benefit you the most.

Google’s goal in launching this open-source framework was to create a consistent standard for all web pages when delivering content for mobile devices, including phones and tablets. Google wanted assurance that all pages would load in the same fast and seamless manner. The problem before the unveiling of AMP was that many websites had not adapted to the growing mobile market. The lack of a dedicated framework resulted in slow loading times, poor content rendering, and excessively high data costs. Now with the rollout of AMP, those problems no longer exist.

Although it is a simpler version of HTML, AMP is for mobile devices. By restricting resource-heavy JavaScript and allowing only the highest performing design patterns, AMP is significantly faster than a standard HTML page. The increased speed gets accomplished by using server-side rendering components of AMP, which cache content on Google servers. As a result, content reaches the browser faster.

Initially, AMP had a slow start, but now, it has taken the market by storm with more than 900,000 domains around the globe and over two billion AMP online pages relying on it. For mobile optimization, AMP is revolutionary. Not only is it theme-responsive, but it also has a unique provision that enhances the mobile user experience thanks to a distinct code. Along with loading on mobile devices, AMP also loads on desktop browsers.

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