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When using a highly-respected SEO optimization company, you benefit in multiple ways. For one thing, an expert analyzes your website and then determines the best SEO strategies. Also, the right SEO agency implements the appropriate tactics to boost your online visibility and get better results in search engine page results (SERPs). That way, you can relax knowing that your online business is in capable hands.

By using professional SEO marketing services, you have confidence in the actions taken. For instance, while Google strongly recommends structured data for rich snippets, it also states that it is not a requirement, which leads to confusion. As explained by a Google representative, to apply snippets in search results to your site, structured data is not mandatory. However, he goes on to say that finding search results with rich snippets that do not also rely on structured data is rare.

Google recommends structured data on your site, which will ensure that rich snippets are part of Google’s search results. While Google currently uses structured data, it does not necessarily want to be dependant on it. Yet for now, to see rich snippets, it suggests using structured data markup on your pages.

Structured data increases your online visibility and gets your pages to show up in SERPs. While Google does its best to understand the content on web pages and in blog posts, you can help by providing clues about the meaning of your pages by including structured data. That makes it easier for Google to get information and classify content.

In simple terms, Google and other search engines use structured data found on the internet to get more insight into content. However, it also uses this to gather information about the world wide web as a whole. In response to using structured data, Google enables unique search result enhancements and features that streamline the user’s experience and help you achieve more online success.

Ultimately, users can see the value of what you offer before even visiting your site. Since rich snippets are data displayed in the SERPs, someone searching for your product or service will receive suggestions in the search pages. By reading the rich snippet data, that person either decides to click through to your site or a competitor’s site.

Using Professional SEO Services

With the SEO marketing services that we offer at MacRAE’s Marketing, we will take the appropriate action to get your site more visibility. Call us today or visit us online for additional information.

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