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Google Search Console API Adopted by Majestic Keeps Google Happy

By working with a reputable online marketing agency, you get information about important news and receive excellent services for your site. The right internet marketing company stays on top of new things so that you do not have to, which saves you tremendous time and effort – not to mention a lot of frustration.

As a prime example, Majestic recently adopted Google Search Console API. In a news release, Majestic announced that for reporting and position-checking purposes, they are using Google Search Console API. For verified sites, this tool is exceptional for both keyword search data and compliant rank checking.

In response to Majestic’s announcement, Google’s webmaster channel tweeted a sincere “thank you.” As explained by a top digital marketing agency, seeing one of the best toolmakers coordinating efforts with Google is exciting in that it creates a win-win situation for everyone.

Google Search Console API is a free service, allowing you to monitor your site’s performance using Google Search. It also ensures that Google can quickly and efficiently crawl your app or website, and it tests both the performance and validity of a particular page.

While there are some similarities between data from a web interface and API for Search Analytics using the Console, there are also distinct differences, which is why the total numbers are often off. Instead of the API and the table export returning a total summary, they deliver individual results.

The total number listed on top of the web user interface includes filtered queries. However, filtered queries are not on the table export and API. Instead, in the web API, you see only a summary data section. Because Google Search Console API has benefits, a trusted internet marketing company uses it when designing and developing solutions on your behalf.

One feature is that this tool provides Google with a list of potential HTML errors while crawling your site. Included are duplicate descriptions, duplicate titles, and others. An expert can identify both the internal and external validity of the data, followed by making any necessary changes. By correcting errors, your page or blog content gets crawled and indexed correctly, which is not only faster but also helps with SERP ranking.

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