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Now that local searches are critical for multiple businesses, Google allows search results based on current location. Ultimately, this will improve local search results, which creates a more level playing field for all businesses regardless of industry or size. If you need help reaching your local audience, professional local SEO services are essential.

Instead of using top-level domain names to serve local data within search results, Google now relies on location-based triggers from mobile devices. Although this change has little to no impact on ads in Search, it will make it easier for experts who offer local search engine optimization services to understand geo-performance and to conduct analyses.

For example, a mobile user in California who uses for searches will receive local results according to the phone’s physical location. On the other hand, if someone travels to Europe and conducts a search using, the results will include local companies for the location of the phone – in this case, Europe. The bottom line is that search results will travel with the phone based on its physical location, meaning relevant businesses to the product or service searched are what appear.

This change affects the way that Google labels country services not only on the mobile web but also desktop Search, Maps, and the Google app for iOS. Ultimately, the domain no longer indicates the country service. Instead, users searching on Google’s engines will by default see country locations that coordinate with the phone’s physical location.

Because roughly one of every five searches using Google relates to location, this change of providing locally relevant results is an excellent way of providing accurate data to professional marketers who offer local SEO services. Mobile users can manually change the location by going to and selecting the menu at the bottom.

Something else to consider is that while this update changes how Google Search and Maps services get labeled, it does not affect how the products work. Also, this change will not impact how Google handles national law mandates. Instead, it ensures that people searching for information via a mobile device get relevant results according to the physical location of the phone.

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