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GoogleBot No Bogus URLs Used for Crawling and Indexing

When it comes to crawling and indexing websites, Google confirms that GoogleBot does not use bogus URLs. In the world of SEO, many people theorize that on occasion, Google comes up with fake URLs as it tries to find, crawl, and index pages that are otherwise challenging to identify. If you need help ranking higher in SERPs or want more information about Google’s processes, consider using professional SEO services.

No Fake URLs

According to Google’s John Mueller, while rumors have circulated for some time, the fact is that GoogleBot does not “generally” follow this practice. He went on to say that if GoogleBot finds pages, there is a good chance they linked from another place within the website or that the links got eliminated. In other words, when people link to odd or broken links that GoogleBot follows, they likely come from an internal site or another website.

A professional SEO firm can have Google recrawl and index your URLs, which is essential if you recently made changes to or added new web pages. The expert you hire will use Fetch, which has a “Request Indexing” feature. However, for a significant number of URLs, the professional SEO services company will submit a sitemap. Both of these methods yield identical response times.

Using a professional SEO firm will also ensure that you adhere to all Google’s requirements, thereby preventing you from getting penalized. Without optimization experience or an internal marketing department, it is best to leave SEO issues to an expert. While working on this, the professional helping you can address other issues on your site as well.

How GoogleBot Works

GoogleBot utilizes a massive set of computers that crawl or “fetch” literally billions of web pages. Using a specific algorithmic process, computer programs decide which websites to crawl, along with the number of pages. GoogleBot starts with a list of webpage URLs coming from previous fetching processes and Sitemap augmentation using data generated by webmasters.

With each website visit, GoogleBot detects links on pages, including HREF, an attribute of an anchor tag, and SRC, which is an attribute that specifies an image URL. This tool adds the links to a list of pages that it will crawl. During that process, any dead links and changes to existing websites will be noted so that Google can update its index list.

Turning to the Experts

For clarification about GoogleBot or to get help with any SEO need, you can always count on our team of experts at MacRAE’s Marketing. Please visit us online or call today.

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