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Fixing Your Website Prior to Google’s Armageddon Algorithm

For almost a year Google has been encouraging companies to make appropriate changes to their website but if nothing has been done, you need to act quickly. Google’s new Armageddon algorithm will be launched on April 21 and if certain changes are not made to your site, you could lose existing, as well as potential new customers.

Steps to Prepare if You Do Not Have a Responsive Site:

Steps to Prepare if You Do Have a Responsive Site:

  • If you have a mobile or responsive site you don’t have too much to worry about.
  • Ensure that Google’s mobile bots are able to crawl your site properly, if they can’t read it you will be considered as not having a mobile site
  • Remember to test each page on our mobile phone to ensure the navigation is functioning properly
  • If you want any help to ensure that Google is reading the site properly and has no errors give us a call 1-844-990-6111.

Time is of the essence. With Google’s Armageddon Algorithm, mobile users will receive viable information whether on applications or web pages deemed mobile friendly. However, without a mobile or responsive website design, your business will no longer be found in searches conducted by mobile users.

Due to archaic web designs, people using mobile devices have had bad experiences. Armageddon will change the way the internet is accessed. The content on your website might look great to someone using a laptop or desktop computer and therefore, be considered relevant by Google. However, unless customers using mobile devices enjoy the same positive experience, your site will automatically be booted from mobile search results.

More than likely, you would be shocked to learn how much of your traffic comes from people using mobile devices so just imagine having that door of opportunity closed. Because the internet is accessed by millions of people from all over the world via mobile device, Google has decided to take drastic measures to accommodate. Take a look in your Google Analytics account to see how much mobile traffic you are currently getting.

To maintain existing customers but also drive traffic to your site from mobile devices, you need to act now. Your website may have no issues at all or there could be a number of challenges. Without running an analysis, you are rolling the dice on the fate of your business.

Remember, the April 21 deadline is fast approaching! Rather than wait, we strongly recommend that you set up a free consultation today. As part of this, our team will review your current website design to include content but also code. In addition to discussing new changes required to make your site more mobile-friendly, we can assist with other concerns and modifications.

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