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Most people would agree that the landing page is the most important part of your website. It is the page that your visitors will use to form their first impression of you, and because of that, it is crucial to get it right. If you are looking for a guide to landing page optimization, then you can easily find various tips and tools around the Internet. Instead of searching forever, however try starting with some of these simple strategies.

Understand Your Clients to Optimize Your Landing Page

The very first thing you will find in any guide to landing page optimization is the advice to understand your clients. The best way to do this is via surveys or interviews, but you can also look at your competitors’ websites to see how they understand the clients and follow suit. Remember that people in different parts of their lives will prefer different tactics, so you can’t do the same thing to appeal to a teen as a retiree.

Be Prepared to Analyze Your Landing Page

Although it may seem obvious, one of the most important things to do is have a method in place to analyze your page. It is impossible to optimize it if you don’t know your current statistics. Don’t be intimidated by the analytics involved; if you are too overwhelmed to understand them, then hire a professional that will analyze your page and explain the data to you.

Being Consistent as a Guide to Landing Page Optimization

To be truly consistent, you will have to look at every single part of your website, but it is part of the guide to landing page optimization for a reason. As soon as a visitor gets to your landing page, he or sheshould have an impression of your brand and what you stand for. Most important of all, the landing page needs to be consistent with the banner that brought him or herthere as well as the destination page. If it isn’t, your visitors may expect one thing when going to your website only to discover that the page doesn’t have the information or product they want, causing them to leave.

Optimize the Landing Page by Keeping It Short and Sweet

It can be tempting to put all of the “important” information on your website’s landing page, but in reality most people think more information fits this category than actually does. Put whatever is most important toward the top of the page, definitely above the fold. If visitors have to read several paragraphs to get to it, they will just move on.

Avoid Popups and Fake Testimonials to Help with Landing Page Optimization

Two of the most common strategies to get customers are fake testimonials and popups. However, you won’t ever find either of these on a guide to landing page optimization. Popups tend to annoy your visitors, making thema disadvantage. It is true that you will most likely see a temporary increase in clicks and your general conversion rating, but this won’t last. In addition, these customers that “convert” usually won’t be quality ones; instead they will continue to show poor judgment while on your website. The issue with fake testimonials is different. While real testimonials can help significantly, using fake ones will simply hurt your credibility, especially when it is obvious they are fake. Instead, try using one of the other tactics mentioned above to optimize your landing page.

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