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Open Graph Protocol

Facebook first introduced the semantic protocol known as Open Graph back in 2010 in order to facilitate improved integration between the social networking site and other websites. It does so by allowing other websites to be rich “graph” objects that have an identical functionality to other Facebook objects. In other words, it makes it easier to integrate any kind of internet object or web content into Facebook’s social graph — and that brings significant SEO benefits. Content is integrated with defined meta tag specifications that are used in the content’s source code. These tags then dictate how content is rendered on Facebook, ensuring a seamless integration.

The majority of website and SEO services companies — from high-end search engine optimization firms to affordable search engine optimization services — are quick to point out that the Open Graph protocol can have tangible effects on your overall SEO strategy. That’s because even though Open Graph doesn’t have a direct effect on your on-page SEO, it can have a significant influence on the overall performance of your social links. It improves performance, boosts shareability, and drives engagement.

So, how does this all work? Well, when you leverage the potential of the Open Graph protocol, you have a high level of control over the way your content is rendered within your audience’s social feed. Basically, you can make sure your content looks good on Facebook. Not only does this ensure a consistent user experience, but it can also boost click-through rates and drive more shares. Because your content will ultimately perform better on social media, your SEO strategy will also get a boost. Remember, Facebook is a significant driver of traffic to many websites, so when your links are doing well socially, you’ll inevitably get an SEO boost.

In conclusion, the Open Graph protocol does have significant SEO benefits. If you’re struggling to master the Open Graph protocol yourself, it may be worth getting a bit of help from an  affordable SEO services company or search engine optimization firm. An affordable SEO company that offers website and SEO services can help make use of the Open Graph protocol on your site, thereby ensuring that you can maximize the social performance of your links.

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