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When a new website is built, one of the first questions that people ask their professional SEO company is how long it will take them to rank. It isn’t an easy answer to give because it can vary based on several factors. However, the typical answer is approximately three to six months. This can be frustrating to some companies, but it is the reality of achieving a good ranking in Google. It is even possible for a high ranking to take as long as a year if the industry is highly competitive.

This can be very frustrating for clients. It is also frustrating for the professional SEO services companies that work hard to achieve the rankings. Everything can be done right and it still takes six months to see top rankings. This is because SEO is a process.

SEO Is Ongoing

One of the reasons why it takes it so long to rank is because algorithms change. The top SEO companies can be in the middle of a campaign and then Google does an update that can affect some of the efforts. Usually, the best SEO companies know an update is coming and what it entails. However, Google has presented the SEO world with a few surprises, causing a scramble to comply with the changes. This can lengthen the amount of time it takes to rank.

How Websites Are Ranked

To see why SEO is an ongoing process and why ranking can take a while, it is good to understand how websites are ranked. While there isn’t a precise formula for ranking at the top, some factors are important. They are:

  • The age of the domain – A site is considered a new website if it is less than six months old. It isn’t seen as credible as one that has been around much longer.
  • Keyword integration – It is ideal to integrate the top keywords naturally into the content of the website.
  • Content quality – The content has to be of good quality. Google is now capable of determining what content is great and what content is poor. The content must also be original.
  • No spam activity – Don’t buy links, don’t stuff keywords, and don’t build an inbound link on every site that you will find that will link out to it. Link building is about quality and not quantity, just as making sure keywords occur naturally is important.

Give It Time

It is important to give ranking time. It is difficult because having a new website is very exciting, but the top SEO companies know what it takes and will adjust to algorithm changes accordingly. The result can be a website that ranks and ranks well.

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