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Not Sure How to Create a Video and get it Online?

Some people think that making a video and getting it online takes a lot of time and effort. While this is the case for professionally-made videos, everything depends on what you are going for and how you approach the issue. Technology is so advanced that you can actually take high-quality videos on your phone and upload it directly. In order to do this, there are a few simple steps that you want to take.

First, you want to make a YouTube channel for your business if you have not done so already. YouTube is the most popular video platform, and it’s very easy for people to interact and share things with you. You can even upload videos from your phone to your YouTube account without any hassles.

Next, you need to determine what type of video you want to shoot and how you want to do it. If you are using your phone, it’s most likely that you’ll want to do something short and informative that doesn’t require a lot of editing. Some people like to offer tips and trick while others use videos to showcase up and coming products or services – even reading a blog post such as this one. Regardless of what you choose, make sure that the video is clear and not shaky to deter anyone from viewing it. It’s best to have someone film the video for you while you talk, but you can film yourself with a front-facing camera if you feel like you have a steady hand and can stay in frame.

I filmed this one by myself with just my iphone. I propped it up and trimmed the beginning where I was pressing the start button and then went to sit down.

Once the video has been filmed, simply log in and select the “upload” tab. You’ll be able to choose the video that you want to upload as well as determine some settings for the video. Here, you can choose how visible your video is (from public to private) and add a description for the video as well. Be sure to add some tags so that your video pops up when people are researching for certain topics and wait for the upload to complete. Depending on how big the file is, you may have to wait a little bit before everything is uploaded and processed.

After the video is done processing and uploading, just share it with the people that you want and get it exposed. You can link the video on social platforms like Facebook and Twitter as well as embed it into a website to ensure maximum exposure. Who can see and share the video will be up to you, but this is essentially free marketing, so you should try to share the videos as much as you can. You can even have subscribers that will follow your channel and be automatically updated when you post something new, so be sure to encourage them to do so.

That’s all it takes to get a video on YouTube. It can take less than an hour to accomplish and the benefits are vast. Give it a try and see what’s possible with online videos!

If you would like a video of your business or product that is a bit more professional than doing it yourself, take a look at MacRAE’s Video Services to see how we can help create a video that meets your objectives.

Take a look at our Video Gallery for some of the great videos that MacRAE’s has produced such as these ones.

By the way, I used the free app “Time & Cut” to help me trim sections, which was so easy to cut out some of my mistakes. Here’s the video posted on YouTube. MacRAE’s also uses VidYard to post our videos so that we can give great analytics to our clients.

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