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How important are landing pages? Marketing Sherpa reported that 64 percent of marketers believe landing pages are the most effective method for testing value proposition. In fact, marketers believe that landing pages are so important, nearly half of them build new landing pages for each new marketing campaign they launch. Even if you are not testing the use of landing pages, there is a good chance that your competition is doing so.

Not sure where to get started to building landing pages that will encourage your leads to convert? The tips below can help you.

Understanding the Different Types of Landing Pages

Not all landing pages are the same. Marketers typically utilize two different types of landing pages based on the path that leads the consumers to their page and their final goal. A lead generation landing page tends to focus on lead generation and is typically used when your goal is to build a contact list. You will usually utilize some type of fulfillment with this landing page, such as an ebook.

Paid search landing pages are usually used when visitors arrive via paid search. When that is the case, you must make sure that the copy and call to action on your landing page are perfectly aligned with the ad that drove your lead to your page. The final goal with this type of landing page is to encourage leads to call or complete a contact form.

Make Sure You Are Specific

If there is one mistake that many marketers tend to make with landing pages, it is not being specific enough. You must make sure that all organic and paid avenues for driving leads to your landing page perfectly align with the message your visitors will see when they arrive on your page.

Use Need-Based Headlines and Content

Strong headlines are vital to the success of any landing page. Yet, it is important to ensure that all of your headlines and content center on your customer’s needs. What is the main point that drove them to your page? The entire goal of your page should be focused on how you can help your visitor resolve a problem.

Using Confidence Building Forms

Encouraging visitors to provide their personal information when completing a form can be quite a challenge. To convince visitors to take that next step, be sure to include content that will reaffirm exactly what the visitor is signing up to do, such as receive an offer or be contacted. Avoid the use of any negative language that might cause your visitor to re-evaluate, such as “We don’t sell your email address,” or “We won’t spam you.”

Creating a landing page that will convert visitors can seem overwhelming, but following the steps listed above can help assist you in taking that first step. Remember, if you find the process too challenging, calling in professional help can be a wise investment in your digital marketing strategy.

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