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Wondering how to get more traffic to your website? StumbleUpon can help. Basically the equivalent of an online Magic 8 Ball, StumbleUpon allows users to click a button to “stumble” upon a new website that is related to preferences and interests they’ve provided. Once one user stumbles upon a page, it’s pushed onto the millions of other StumbleUpon users. The more users stumble upon any given page, the higher the chances that other users will stumble upon it. That’s a powerful recipe for traffic growth. Wondering how you can leverage the power of StumbleUpon to drive more traffic to your website? Here is what you need to know.

The Good: How to Get Website Traffic Using StumbleUpon

The good news is that StumbleUpon can be a powerful way to increase website traffic. The site has even surpassed Facebook as the number one source of social media traffic on the Web. To get in on this action and increase traffic to your website, all you need to do is head over to StumbleUpon.com and register for an account. From there, be sure to keep the following in mind.

  • Take the time to understand how to properly add content: In order to add your content to the StumbleUpon repertoire, you will need to enter the URL you want users to visit and then choose the topics that are most closely related to the content. It’s well worth your while to take the time to understand this process and how to most effectively optimize content for the site.
  • Add your own content, but make sure to add other people’s content as well: If all you do with your account is submit your own pages on your own site, you’re going to be filtered out as a spam account pretty quickly. Therefore, in addition to submitting your own content, you need to submit content other than your own on a regular basis. As a general rule of thumb, you will want to give two upvotes and one new URL submission for a site other than your own for every page of your own content that you submit.
  • Remember, volume matters: At the end of the day, StumbleUpon is just a numbers game. Each page that you submit will be competing against thousands — if not hundreds of thousands — of other pages in that interest category. The more pages you have, the more chances you have to be seen, upvoted, and explored.

When it comes to strategizing how to get website traffic using StumbleUpon, the above should do the trick. But don’t expect results immediately. StumbleUpon can take a bit of time to process a new site, and because there are millions and millions of pages in the site’s database, it might be a bit of time before your content starts to gain traction with users. But at some point, you should definitely see a significant uptick in traffic thanks to StumbleUpon.

The Bad: How to Drive Down Bounce Rate and Increase Time on Page

The bad news is that while StumbleUpon does drive traffic to websites, the type of traffic that is being driven there is not necessarily high-quality traffic. Because the site is just directing users to random websites, bounce rate tends to be very high and time on page tends to be very low. Although StumbleUpon might drive users to your website, it doesn’t mean that those users will engage with your content in any meaningful way once they are there. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to mitigate this and encourage engagement:

  • Write attention-grabbing, compelling titles: If you don’t want users to leave your page as soon as they’ve stumbled on it, you need something attention-grabbing and compelling to capture their attention. This is where compelling titles come into play. Try writing something that is shocking or humorous.
  • Understand the type of content StumbleUpon users are looking for: If you’re wondering how to increase Web traffic using StumbleUpon, you need to understand just what exactly it is that the typical StumbleUpon user is looking for. So, what is that they want? Well, they want bite-sized content that is easy to consume yet still compelling and relevant. Generally, tutorials, lists, and infographics tend to do well with users.
  • Don’t forget about videos and images: Remember, most StumbleUpon users are mindlessly stumbling around the Web out of boredom. A compelling image or a great video can be an excellent way to catch their attention and facilitate some kind of engagement. However, keep in mind that when it comes to conversion, text is far more likely to convert a user than videos or images.

StumbleUpon is often synonymous with flaky, one-time users who show up on a page only to stay for 2 seconds and then never return. But it doesn’t have to be this way. If you invest some time into tailoring your content toward what the average user is looking for you can, and will, boost engagement rates.

The Bottom Line: Strategy Matters

StumbleUpon can be a solid option to increase website traffic. The keys are to understand how to most effectively use the platform and to create the type of content users are looking for.

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