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How to Get Better Ranking with Underutilized Schema Markup

If your website is not ranking as high as it should, a reputable web design services company can help. With years of experience and unparalleled expertise, an expert will analyze every aspect of your site’s SEO, including underutilized schema markup. Based on the findings, the individual working with you from a web design and development company will make the necessary changes to give you a competitive edge.

Missed Opportunities

What you may not realize is that rather than just one, there are four schema markups worth using. By taking advantage of web design and development services, the professional will consider all of them to prevent overlooked ranking opportunities. When you are using the four correctly, including brand, image, app, and person, you will notice a positive impact on SEO that improves ranking in search engine results pages (SERPs).


When referring to brand information in knowledge graph panels, Google uses elements in the Organization schema markup. In fact, several things within this markup enforce your branding. As a result, a higher number of items appear in the panel. For example, if people search for your site using variations of your brand name, then the company that provides web design and development services will focus on alternate names, ensuring they appear in your knowledge panel.

The same applies for phone number and address. An excellent way to increase visibility in your knowledge graph panel is to highlight a sales or customer service phone number, as well as an email address in the Organization schema markup. Doing so improves customer engagement and leads to more conversions.


The web design and development company you hire will mark up all images in a gallery. For product pages, which typically have four to five images in a gallery, this makes it easier for Google to identify unique photos, followed by utilizing them for a variety of result types. As an example, if you want to highlight all the pictures on a single product page, the SEO expert would utilize the ImageGallery markup.


The third schema markup of importance is app. Even though many companies have mobile applications in response to the increasing number of smartphone and tablet users, few utilize the MobileApplication schema markup on their websites. Instead, they rely on a dedicated landing page for mobile applications, thereby missing a significant opportunity. Again, the SEO expert reviews this to see what, if any, changes are necessary.


When looking at different companies online, it is common to see a list of executives and other staff members. For instance, real estate sites usually have the names of all realtors as well as their history in this industry. Like the other three opportunities, someone who specializes in SEO can markup this information. Having a list that includes your employee’s name, title, a brief description of services and history, and a photo will make a difference in the results achieved on the power knowledge graph.

Primary Benefits

When it comes to structured data in a schema markup format, you can expect to enjoy many SEO benefits. Utilizing schema markups does not have a direct effect on your site’s ranking. However, it does indirectly improve SEO. The following are a few examples of the primary benefits a respected web design and development company will help you achieve.

  • Better Content Crawling – Structured data puts content in a format that Google understands. As a result, this and other search engines have an easier time reading and recognizing it. That means the content is better indexed, thereby ranking higher on SERPs.
  • Improved Organics – Taking full advantage of the four schema markups mentioned creates the potential for rich results, including your knowledge graph, snippets, and more. In response to that, organic click-through rate and organic search visibility improve.

Instead of trying to figure things out on your own, you should reach out to a trusted web design and development company.

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