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Practically any SEO guide you read and any content marketing services company will expound upon the importance of publishing fresh, new content on a regular basis. Certainly, new content is important to keep readers coming back and ranking well on search engines, but it’s important to remember that your website has a wealth of quality content that should not go to waste just because it’s no longer new. Levering your existing content can be a great way to gain an SEO boost, reach a new audience, reinforce your message, and, ultimately, increase website traffic.

The Benefits of Repurposing Content

The key to making this method work for you is to find the right content on your website to repurpose and then determine what to do with that content. Spend some time reviewing your content history while looking for evergreen content, meaning content that remains relevant, and high-quality content that is assured of getting more web traffic. You might also find it helpful to review your website analytics to ascertain which content pieces performed best. If you need assistance with this, professional marketing companies can help.

Once you have identified your most popular content, the next step is to decide how you will leverage that content. It is important that you do not simply republish the content as-is. When repurposing old content, your goal should be to add value to the original content so that you are not simply serving up the same old thing to your visitors.

One way to do this is to simply create a brand-new blog post. This strategy works particularly well with list pieces because it allows you to take each item on the list and create a separate article on that particular topic. Simply expand the bullet item by going into more detail than was provided in the original post.

Another idea is to create a presentation using a social slide, such as SlideShare. Including quotes, statistics, and other information gives you an easy way to reinforce the message from your original piece.

Infographics have also become increasingly popular. With so many people pressed for time today, infographics offer an easy-to-digest way to share vital information. This method is particularly well suited for statistic-heavy pieces. Of course, the process of creating infographics can be somewhat intimidating for non-designers, so if you need help with this, you may find it beneficial to consult with a content marketing services firm.

Bringing in New Subscribers and Followers

Why not jump on the social media bandwagon and share your old content there? Even if an evergreen post was published a few months ago, if it is still relevant today, it will offer the same value. By sharing on social media, you have a greater chance of reaching new audience members in different time zones who may have missed the piece the first time around. It’s also an effective method for reaching new followers if your current followers happen to share the piece.

Creating a daily email series consisting of several pieces of content on the same topic is another way to leverage your old content. This method is an excellent way to collect new subscribers and leads. Along those same lines, you might consider expanding some of your old blog posts into an e-book. Remember to add value by gathering new research. Although you might choose to design your book on your own, if you feel uncomfortable doing so, outsourcing it to a content marketing company can ensure a professional look. Once the book is completed, use it as a giveaway to expand your subscriber list or even leverage it for another revenue stream.

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