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Website SEO Audit

Performing an SEO audit can be vital to ensuring that your website is properly optimized. Along with identifying areas of your website that require improvement, a website analysis can also help ensure that your website is adhering to the latest recommendations for search engine optimization and marketing while helping you stand out from the competition.

Before performing an SEO audit, it is important to understand what is involved in this type of analysis. Prior to getting started, it is a good idea to ensure you have a comprehensive checklist of what should be audited. Although there are many tools available to assist you in auditing your website, it is best to use a guide and perform the audit on your own, if you have the experience to do so, or hire an SEO firm to assist you in performing your website analysis.

What to Expect from a Website SEO Audit

If you do choose to hire a professional firm to help with your SEO audit, you should know what to expect. One of the most important elements of an analysis is a review of your website’s current state. This is typically provided in the form of a detailed report regarding how well your website performs in search results, social media, external and internal links, and any other information relevant to the current state of your website.

Additionally, the SEO firm you hire should provide a final report detailing the strategy to be used for maximizing all available opportunities and traffic sources, including keyword research. Finally, the audit should include a checklist with a list of actions to perform to improve the state of your website.

Performing an SEO audit on a regular basis is of critical importance to ensure your website remains as effective as possible. The search engine optimization industry changes quickly. As a result, what worked a few months ago could now not only be obsolete but even harm your website in terms of SERPs and penalties. Performing SEO audits on a regular basis, typically twice per year, will ensure that your website is prepared for the latest industry developments.

SEO Audit Checklist

So, what should be reviewed when performing a website analysis? At a minimum, the analysis should include the following:

  • Whether each webpage includes unique titles
  • Are the webpage titles between 50 and 65 characters?
  • Are the description tags between 150 and 165 characters?
  • Are URL structures properly formatted for each page?
  • Does your website feature unique content?

Keep in mind that properly formatted URLs should include relevant keywords. When using multiple keywords, it is important to use hyphens. Additionally, URLs should be unique for each page and should be no longer than 255 characters in length, including the domain name.

In order to be effective in terms of both search engine results as well as user experience, your website must include unique content. Tools such as Copyscape can be useful in helping you determine whether your website includes duplicate content. If you find that your website does contain duplicate content, the content should be removed.

It is also important to check the length and freshness of your website content. Does your website include pages with insufficient content or without any content at all? A lack of content can hurt your website in terms of search engine rankings. Check the dates of your website content. Out-of-date content should be updated. To prevent this problem from occurring in the future, consider creating a schedule that will make it possible to publish content on a more frequent basis.

In terms of SEO, having broken links on your website can result in a poor user experience and cause your search engine rankings to rank. Google webmaster tools can be helpful for checking the number of broken links you have on your website. Repairing or removing those links is critical to improving the performance of your website.

Performing a semiannual SEO audit of your website can help you determine what works, what does not work, and what you need to do to fix problems in order to achieve optimal results.

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