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Local advertising services are becoming increasingly important for online business owners. Although marketers have focused on targeting a local audience to a certain degree, the value of this is now realized. Local advertising companies are now busier than ever. Local online advertising is proven to be a critical component of SEO strategies.

Because certain trends for SMEs have emerged in 2017, a significant amount of hyperlocal marketing is being performed by  local search marketing companies. Small and medium-sized enterprises realize that different strategies are required to target millennials while using other messages and channels for people in the most predominate generational marketing segment.

To satisfactorily meet the unique demands of both groups, experts who provide services for local online advertising are taking a new approach.

  • Mobile Marketing – More than ever, mobile use is growing. In response, the number of people conducting searches with hyperlocal intent is also increasing. While SMEs are not required to embrace every type of digital media, they do need to be smarter when it comes to digital marketing, which includes hyperlocal marketing. When you hire an expert, that individual will identify innovative ways of connecting with consumers to simplify their online searches for local businesses. The expert will also help your business stand out as an authority. Ultimately, you will have the opportunity of better engaging with consumers, regardless of the generation.
  • Customer-Centric Marketing – This is another area experiencing a tremendous amount of growth, which will continue. With customer-centric marketing, the goal is for SMEs to focus on operations through a number of things, including promotions, places, prices, and products or services, again using the right strategies so that both generations are reached.
  • Current Customers – While a great deal of time and effort goes into targeting millennials, you have to also focus on your current customers. With hyperlocal marketing, you will be able to retain the customers that you already have, encourage them to engage more with your brand, and make them feel more valued.

If you have missed opportunities specific to local customers, we can help. At MacRAE’S Marketing, we understand just how vital these new 2017 SMEs trends are and the best way to address them so that you see more traffic to your site and a higher number of conversions. Please visit our website to view all of our services or call to speak with a team expert today.

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