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Outbound Links Affect SEO

The best way to feel confident in the optimization of your website is by hiring a reputable SEO services company. Whether that search engine optimization company works alongside your internal marketing team or handles everything on your behalf, that decision will give you the assurance needed that your site always performs optimally.

Just like inbound links, outbound links affect SEO. The company that provides search engine optimization services knows how and takes the appropriate action in response. Outbound links are those that direct visitors to your site somewhere else. In other words, once clicked, they will send people to a different website. For this, there are two types of links:

  • Do Follow – Do follow or dofollow links give ranking power from your site to the target page. When you pass visitors to another source, you give that site a vote of confidence, which increases their authority.
  • No Follow – No follow or nofollow links advise search engines not to follow them. For outbound links, there should only be a small number of these. Essentially, these links break the connection between your site and the website where you send people.


The Value of Outbound Links

The search engine optimization company you hire has a deep understanding of how outbound links work, why they are so valuable, and how they affect SEO.

  • Relevancy – Google and other search engine algorithms gain a tremendous amount of information about your website by looking at who you link to and the way you link. In other words, your outbound links give algorithms various clues as to your industry, who your competitors are, what issues you are trying to fix, and the relevancy of a page to people searching online. Because of that, the SEO company you hire can increase the confidence that search engines have in your site by using backlinks to high-authority pages. Ultimately, that will help a search engine have more trust in your site, considering you a bona fide player.
  • Reputation – Another way that outbound links affect SEO is by improving your online reputation. When linking to relevant and high-authority sources, how people view your online business changes for the better. In other words, you give the impression that you do business with the most prominent names in the industry. As a bonus, you save visitors to your site time. Instead of them searching multiple authority sites, they can quickly click on the link that you provide.
  • Value – You have probably heard over and over just how valuable content is for achieving online success. What outbound links do is take your visitors to other sources of high-quality content. That results in an almost immediate boost in your value. Once people know that can find quality content on your site but also have links that take them to more relevant quality content, they will return repeatedly. The more return visitors you have, the more the algorithms see your site as authoritative.
  • Network – With backlinks, you can build a network of other websites, companies, bloggers, and so on. When you endorse another person or entity’s work, more than likely, they will return the favor. That back-and-forth engagement will help you rank higher in search engine results. Although backlinks themselves do not promote increased traffic, the ranking bump that comes from search engines does.


What it comes down to is that outbound links have a substantial effect on SEO. The reason is that to Google, they are third-party endorsements of your site. The expert who provides search engine optimization services will use keywords in your outbound links so that the SEO of the other websites also benefits.

Helping You and Others

For SEO, outbound links matter. They help not only you but also your visitors, customers, suppliers, and other people you know with an online presence. With a top-rated SEO service, an expert will use the right links to accomplish this goal.

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