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As a website manager, one of the most important website-conversionstatistics that will show you the effectiveness of your webpage is its conversion rate. This rate shows the number of your potential customers that end up actually becoming customers. If you sell a product, the number is typically measured as the portion of visitors who buy your product. Without learning how to improve your website conversion rate, you can work hard at gaining visitors without seeing any increase in purchases.

Improve Website Conversion Rate by Making Pages Easy to Use

One of the first things you should do when looking at how to improve a website conversion rate is to take a look at your pages and make sure they are easy to use. Customers are much more likely to stick around and consider purchasing your product if they can easily navigate your page. In addition to making sure your website is easy to navigate, be sure it is accessible and works with every browser, including mobile versions. You never want to lose a customer simply because they can’t view your page.

Be Honest to Improve Conversion Rate

While sometimes sales and marketing will include a bit of dishonesty, it is best to avoid this on your website. You could bend the truth a little bit, but be up front with customers about the availability of a product and additional fees that will increase its price. If your customer is ready to purchase only to find out you are out of stock or a product costs twice what they thought, you will not only lose them as a client, but they will most likely spread the word, losing you other potential customers.

How to Improve Website Conversion Rate by Being Trustworthy

In addition to being honest, one of the best steps in how to improve your website conversion rate is to be trustworthy. If a potential customer hasn’t heard of you, they will need some reassurance before sending you money. The most common way to do this is through testimonials, but even something as simple as creating and listing a physical address and professional website can increase your trustworthiness. To help even more, join associations, such as the Better Business Bureau, and mention these on your website.

Offer Different Payment Methods to Improve Conversion Rate

Another great tip for how to improve your website conversion rate is to allow your customer to pay in different ways. In the past, you had to have a credit or debit card to shop online, but as technology advances, there are more and more methods available. Even people who have credit cards may not be willing to use them online, so be sure to have other options, such as PayPal or creative alternatives.

Provide Information If You Want to Increase Your Conversion Rate

A final trick that will increase your conversion rate is providing information on your website. Some pages will just sell a product and nothing else, but those with the best conversion rates also provide information. Most of the time, a potential buyer will do research before making a purchase, and your ideal situation should be when a buyer does this research on your page. This allows you to make contact with buyers early on so they can recognize your brand and will think of you first when it comes time to buy.

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