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Whether you create a campaign or hire an SEM agency for assistance, it is essential to know what key metrics to use for achieving success with search engine marketing. Because reputable lead generation companies use the most innovative and effective ways to generate leads, it is always to your advantage to rely on their expertise.

Even when using a SEM agency, you should first define the most critical metrics. That will give the experts a better understanding of your needs and objectives.

  • Revenue Growth for Products or Services – The primary goal of using search engine marketing is to bolster the number of viable leads to your website, which, in turn, increases revenue. Therefore, identify which product or service that you want to promote as well as the revenue growth for each one. As a part of this, be specific so that you can drive traffic to the respective website pages. Ultimately, this will help reach prospects with buyer intent.
  • Measure Conversions – Another valuable metric involves measuring your site’s conversion rate coming from search engine traffic. With this, you can determine how much more traffic you need for reaching reach your revenue growth goal. You want to know how many visitors from a particular channel convert into customers. By gaining this insight, you can work backward from your defined revenue goals to calculate the volume of additional traffic required to reach your target.
  • Cost per Lead – When setting goals in a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign, you need to set goals. For that, you need to know how each marketing channel compares from a cost-efficiency perspective. The way to accomplish this is by measuring the cost per lead. For assistance, reach out to one of the best lead generation companies.

In addition to the metrics mentioned, there are a few other things to consider. For instance, you need to have some keyword flexibility. Ultimately, seeing an increase in the number of qualified leads to your website is more important than ranking high on a specific keyword. Also, explain your target audience to the expert. As the business owner, you have a much better idea as to who your customers are and the types of things they search for online.

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